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The event will be in two parts coming from two venues – Manchester (Sale) and Halifax (Balmoral Place).

From 2-3.30 pm, at Manchester (Sale):

  1. Film – Iranian Christadelphians;
  2. MSC assistance with obtaining asylum – Bro. Phil Basten;
  3. How technology can help with translations – Bro. Matt Cherry;
  4. CALS / CBF Funding – Bro. Andrew Fenner.

From 4-5.30 pm, at Halifax (Balmoral Place):

  1. Overview of North-East Engagement with asylum seekers – Bro. David Coleman;
  2. New contacts teaching approach – Sis. Cynthia Miles; Telling the hard facts – Bro. Chris Evans; Registering / Welfare – Bro. David Hanson;
  3. Integrating into the Brotherhood English viewpoint – Bro. Tim Day; Persian viewpoint – Bro. Aref Mazaheri;
  4. How can we help? Areas in need of support – Bro. Jonathan Adams;
  5. Closing thought.

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