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Signs of the Times Study Guide – e-book

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The wonderful hope of the Bible is the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to establish the kingdom of God on earth. The Bible gives us indicators that God’s purpose is moving towards its completion through world events that are a fulfilment of Bible prophecy. These are ‘signs of the times’, generating excitement and strengthening faith.

In his Mount Olivet prophecy about these signs, Jesus emphasises to his disciples the need to watch – but what signs should we be looking for? And did Jesus just mean keeping an eye on world events and current affairs, or is there more to it?

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Study Guides are designed to help all those for whom Bible study is new or difficult, and should be especially helpful to anyone with little background knowledge of the Bible.

Designed to lead to better Bible reading, all Study Guides should be used alongside, and never instead of, the Bible.

May God’s blessing rest upon all who study His word.

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Author(s): Michael Lewis
Binding: Digital
Edition No.: 1
Format: PDF download
ISBN: 978 0 85189 430 0
Publisher: The Christadelphian

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