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Resisting the Devil – e-book

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Resisting the Devil is a refreshing, honest and biblical guide to overcoming temptation in the real world.

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Author(s): Robert Prins
Binding: Digital
Edition No.: 2
Format: ePub download
ISBN: 9780851894096
Publisher: The Christadelphian

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1 review for Resisting the Devil – e-book

  1. James Wilkins

    Resisting the Devil is a brilliant book made up of short chapters which deal with different types and aspects of temptation. Each chapter is followed by a “Personal Training” section.

    Prins is very straight-talking with his examples that are mainly taken from his own life experiences of family, friends or people he has encountered. I think that because of this you can really relate to what he is saying. It reads as not just possible temptations that he has no experience of, but quite the opposite; real life temptations he has had to overcome, including some quite personal ones that you normally wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with others. Prins has included these temptations and for that reason, you see him as a human being that is no different from yourself. I loved reading this book as it is laid out in manageable chunks which allow you to really think about what is being said, rather than just reading it. With the personal training section (this gets you to think about your own life and how you can overcome sin) at the end of each chapter, you can almost use it like a workbook. To get the most out of the book I recommend having a note book to write your thoughts down from the personal training section.

    This is not an in-depth study on temptation, but there are always Biblical references to back up what is being said.

    A really helpful and thought-provoking read. Thank you Brother Robert for your honesty!

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