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Since the early days of Robert Roberts the Christadelphian community has been following a daily Bible reading programme, ensuring that every day some part of the Bible is read. Over a period of 12 months the entire Bible will have been read all the way through, and the New Testament twice.

These short thoughts, usually based on one section of the Bible readings for the day, are designed to inform, enlighten and provide a spiritual boost. Other recent thoughts can be viewed below.

October 2019

The Father and the Son

The ultimate source of resurrection power is of God, but He has commissioned the Son to exercise it, and also to act as judge.

Seeking after God

God‘s gift requires us to expose all those things that are unworthy and demands that we share the gift with those around us.

The dry bones will live

The dry bones of Israel are as vibrant with promise as were the original words of Ezekiel who prophesied concerning them.

The Word made flesh

Angels, prophets and Christ have been the vehicles by which God has expressed his word.

The peace of God

When the gospel is truly and earnestly believed, although there is no audible expression on God’s part of His favour, there is an attainment of peace.

Work out your own salvation

God requires men to do their part as the condition and means of enabling Him to work out His purpose with and concerning them.

The sword of the Spirit

There can be none of the defences figured in the armour of the soldier-saint, nor the sword of power, unless he studies deeply the word of God.

The love which passes knowledge

To have the heart open to love in all directions for his sake brings even now “the peace of God that passeth all understanding”.

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