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Since the early days of Robert Roberts the Christadelphian community has been following a daily Bible reading programme, ensuring that every day some part of the Bible is read. Over a period of 12 months the entire Bible will have been read all the way through, and the New Testament twice.

These short thoughts, usually based on one section of the Bible readings for the day, are designed to inform, enlighten and provide a spiritual boost. Other recent thoughts can be viewed below.

November 2019

The advent of Christ

HE comes suddenly – unexpectedly. The Lord will be revealed unawares in his temple of living saints.

Constant exhortation

Paul would charge us to “walk worthy of God”, and he would do it constantly.

The way of prayer

Praying is the opportunity for worship, for praise and thanksgiving, for supplication and for the joy of talking with the Father.

Knit together in love

There be many fig trees promising to look upon, which, when the Master comes to inspect them and finds nothing but leaves, will wither up before His destroying curse.

Two years in Rome

Paul remained a prisoner chained to a Roman guard for two years, yet welcomed all visitors, to whom he spoke of the kingdom of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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