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Since the early days of Robert Roberts the Christadelphian community has been following a daily Bible reading programme, ensuring that every day some part of the Bible is read. Over a period of 12 months the entire Bible will have been read all the way through, and the New Testament twice.

These short thoughts, usually based on one section of the Bible readings for the day, are designed to inform, enlighten and provide a spiritual boost. Other recent thoughts can be viewed below.

January 2020

The lesson of Joseph

The darkest paths of their life may be the ways appointed for them to reach liberty and life …

Living in evil times

“As the hart panteth for the water brooks, so my soul panteth for Thee. My flesh longs in a dry and thirsty land wherein there are no waters.”

An horrible pit

He was wise enough to know that he could not scramble out of that pit on his own. He had to wait and pray.

Rendering unto Caesar

“Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.”

Faith in God

The lesson of the fig tree remains good in all circumstances: “Have faith in God.”

Lord of the vineyard

It is a necessity that a man recognise the absolute sovereignty of the Lord of the vineyard …

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