Our magazines have a wide appeal for people who want a mixture of Bible-based articles – exhortations, character studies, general features and practical suggestions about living as a follower of Jesus Christ. They're a good read every month.


We publish two magazines: The Christadelphian and Faith Alive! – you can buy single issues or a yearly subscription. Subscriptions can be paid for monthly or annually.

If you subscribe to the printed version, the price includes postage. Electronic copies are placed in the download section of your online account. There are no postage costs. Paper copies can be bought in bulk for ecclesial orders but orders for electronic copies are best placed individually.

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Renewing an existing subscription:

The subscriptions links shown below are for new subscriptions only; if you use these to pay an existing subscription, you’ll end up with more than one copy! Details on how to pay for an existing subscription are included on the invoice you would have been sent; sign in to your account online, and go to My Account > Orders, or find and pay an invoice for someone else.

The Christadelphian subscriptions:

Select the appropriate subscription from the table below. Local currency prices may be used for bank transfers and payments by cheque. Payments by credit card can only be made in sterling, converted to local currency at the prevailing foreign exchange rates.

Country Print Electronic
UK (£) £43.20 £25.00
Europe (€) €61.00 €35.00
Australia (Aus$) $65.00 $35.00
Canada (Can$) $65.00 $35.00
New Zealand (NZ$) $65.00 $35.00
South Africa (ZAR) R300.00 R240.00
USA (US$) $65.00 $35.00
Other countries (£) £48.00 £25.00

Subscriptions for young people:

For young people (aged 25 and under), we offer a discounted subscription rate. To claim this, please contact us.

Faith Alive! subscriptions:

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Other magazine-related items:

Alternatively, if you’re looking for bound volumes of previous issues or would prefer to manually browse through our range, please use the sidebar categories to view all products for your selected magazine.