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  • “Godly discipleship is never a natural characteristic in man: it has to be learned, and it has to be practised. Like a skilled musician, the disciple can become rusty if he grows indolent or lethargic, or if he fails to practise his dicipleship every minute of every day.”
    The fourth edition of this readable and very practical book provides much food for thought and action in the life of the disciple.

  • This work is concerned with one predominant idea: the working of God’s influence in the lives of His people; the way in which He, willing and doing of His good pleasure, has drawn close to them in the everyday experience of their living.
    Mysteriously, imperceptibly, incisively, He has drawn close. He has checked, He has guided, He has led, He has drawn, He has covered, He has protected, chastened, for love’s sake. In short, He has moved in their experience in such a way that by their response to Him they have become God-governed.

  • This collection of twenty-three exhortations has been compiled from the legacy of typewritten scripts left by the late Brother Dennis Gillett. They contain stirring words of confident assurance and eternal hope.

  • This book is based on the series of articles under the same title that were published in The Christadelphian from February 2002 to November 2003. Prayer is an essential component of the life of every disciple of Christ, and this book considers the subject in both principle and practice.

  • “If thou be the Son of God …” The refrain of the tempter was not questioning this declaration, for there had been the voice from heaven, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”. The tempter’s words stirred Jesus’ God-given ability to do what he wanted. He could turn stones into bread, leap off a pinnacle of the temple without injury and take all the kingdoms of the world. The intensity of these three temptations, repeated through the ministry, is explored in this book, as we consider him being tested “in all points … as we are, yet without sin”.
    In contemplating the magnitude of the Lord’s achievements, accomplished with matchless compassion and a single-mindedness that leaves us breathless, we are left humbled and truly thankful. May we know ourselves as we are known.
    Watch the author introduce his book on YouTube.

  • The path we walk as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and as children of God is described as the “narrow way” – and with good reason. We regularly encounter snares, obstacles and potholes as we patiently navigate the rocky road. Yet there is also much light and beauty to enjoy as we make that journey.
    An A-Z of Discipleship considers the many and varied aspects of discipleship – from cultivating acceptance to showing zeal. Down-to-earth, God-centred and thought-provoking, each chapter will both comfort and challenge the reader.
    With questions for consideration throughout, this book can help with personal devotion or be used as a basis for group study.

  • This is a further book of thirty-seven exhortations by Dennis Gillett, following on from the previous book, May you Know it to be True. Many of them are challenging; all are based on Dennis’s love for the scriptures, his Lord, and his brethren and sisters.

  • Here is evidence that the word of God is enduring in its scope, and relevant to the daily lives of every man and woman. Eternal Principles, divinely inspired, provide guidance for the most routine lives, and wisdom from the Proverbs reveals the value derived from stricing for holiness among the ordinary.

  • Prayer – Studies in Principle and Practice – e-book

  • This selection of exhortations is drawn from the large legacy of notes left by the late Brother Harry Tennant. They are representative of the man who with his spiritual insight and wealth of experience could advise others on the matter of exhorting:
    “The word of exhortation is no set speech, no display of oratory, no occasion for self-preening or exhibition of a good memory or a discerning taste for good English. The world has enough of that. Rather it is that ‘through comfort of the scriptures we might have hope’. Let the brother seek to follow Paul in his words when he ‘exhorted them all that with purpose of heart they would cleave unto the Lord’: follow him in his true service for Christ when he comforted ‘the souls of the disciples and exhorted them to continue in the faith’.”

  • Obeying God rather than man considers Biblical characters who made a stand against the state on grounds of conscience. Their dedication to God and courage in the face of fierce opposition is encouraging for all men and women today who seek to live according to Biblical principles.

  • In any family a new birth is the cause of great happiness. This is followed by the expectation and deep desire that the recent arrival will develop and grow into a fine adult. Plans are almost always made by the family to help this process along. It is no different with God’s family.
    Spiritual newborns need to learn what it means to be a member of God’s family and how to contribute. After baptism there is a need to grow and mature into the measure of the Lord Jesus. This book considers basic principles for Christlike living and offers some practical advice for new brothers and sisters to help them grow up into Christ.