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  • The wonderful hope of the Bible is the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to establish the kingdom of God on earth. The Bible gives us indicators that God’s purpose is moving towards its completion through world events that are a fulfilment of Bible prophecy. These are ‘signs of the times’, generating excitement and strengthening faith.

    In his Mount Olivet prophecy about these signs, Jesus emphasises to his disciples the need to watch – but what signs should we be looking for? And did Jesus just mean keeping an eye on world events and current affairs, or is there more to it?

  • The Blood of Christ – e-book

  • Daniel

    The book of Daniel records the message of God’s prophet which he received as a Jewish exile in the capitals of world empires in the sixth century BC. He was allowed to see the future history of his people and their dealings with human powers up to the first coming of God’s Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, and way beyond, up to his return to set up God’s kingdom on earth, which will finally replace all human rule.

    Study Guides

    Study Guides are designed to help all those for whom Bible study is new or difficult, and should be especially helpful to anyone with little background knowledge of the Bible.

    Designed to lead to better Bible reading, all Study Guides should be used alongside, and never instead of, the Bible.

    May God’s blessing rest upon all who study His word.

  • The boy of twelve committed himself to his Father’s business and became the man of thirty who went into the waters of the Jordan, publicly declaring that this was the way to fulfil all righteousness. Walk with Jesus during the first two years of his ministry. See his love of the Father, his joy over those who showed faith and his compassion for those in need. This journey from Bethlehem will become the road to Calvary.

  • This is a devotional study of the Almighty Creator, the God of the Bible, who calls on men and women to seek Him diligently in faith, accepting and fulfilling their responsibilities now. Then, in due time by God’s grace, they will be privileged to share the blessings of His coming kingdom on earth at the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, His beloved Son.

  • A look at the life and character of the father of the nation of Israel.

  • Revised and expanded by John Allfree

    A Christadelphian handbook of suggested explanations of difficult Bible passages.

  • Dennis Gillett explores simple scriptural words and phrases for their spiritual lessons. In the very first chapter entitled “But”, he writes:
    “It is important to understand that the significance of the little word does not lie in the word itself, but in the context in which it is used.”
    So with the little things: they are the real indicators of a life of commitment to Christ.
    This is just the sort of book many will find helpful last thing at night, to provide just a few moments of prayerful meditation to conclude the day.

  • The Word of God – e-book

  • The foreword describes this book as a series of portraits prepared by differing painters. Many women of the Bible (the good and the great, as well as the evil) are presented in differing ways by the authors.

  • This book was first published in 1986 as The Christadelphians: what they believe and preach (and is still available under this title). Over the years many have been helped by its clear and forthright presentation of Bible teaching. This is a new edition; slightly revised and under this new heading, to widen its appeal. It should provide a very useful follow-on to introductory courses.

  • For those who wish to study the life of the Lord Jesus Christ it is a great blessing to have four separately inspired, yet complementary, accounts of his life in the New Testament. This volume provides a detailed yet very readable commentary on the Gospel through John – written “that ye may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye may have life in his name”.