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  • Each book of the Bible is summarised and illustrated in a single page – focusing on the principal features. As well as the pages devoted to individual books there are introductory and general pages presenting charts and maps, a summary of Bible teaching, a list of books for further reading, and a useful index.
    This book is of particular value for interested friends, young people and those receiving instruction: a handy reference guide for young and old.

  • The path we walk as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and as children of God is described as the “narrow way” – and with good reason. We regularly encounter snares, obstacles and potholes as we patiently navigate the rocky road. Yet there is also much light and beauty to enjoy as we make that journey.
    An A-Z of Discipleship considers the many and varied aspects of discipleship – from cultivating acceptance to showing zeal. Down-to-earth, God-centred and thought-provoking, each chapter will both comfort and challenge the reader.
    With questions for consideration throughout, this book can help with personal devotion or be used as a basis for group study.

  • A detailed study of the life of Abraham with particular emphasis on the promises and covenant made to him by God. The author also explains the types and lessons to be drawn from the life of this faithful friend of God.

  • Abraham and Sarah walked together before Almighty God. It was together as a couple that they learned, then lived and finally loved the counsels of God that guided their steps.
    Their experiences were special but not unique, for the development of faith matured by trial is the way of God with all His children. How encouraging it is to know, however, that even the father and mother of the faithful needed to be taught their faith by God working in their lives.
    Watch the author introduce his book on YouTube!

  • Many Christians see the Antichrist as being a future ruler who will reign over the whole world, rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, elevate the Jewish nation and make war against Christians.
    These are precisely the characteristics Christadelphians have traditionally believed to be true of Jesus at his return.
    As well as showing where the widely-accepted theory of Antichrist fails, The Antichrist: Christendom’s Final Deception presents the idea that it is the corrupted Christian churches that truly represent the spirit of Antichrist.

  • A concise and easy-to-read book, giving a brief look at the whole message of the Bible.

  • Contains sections entitled “Truth to be received”, “Doctrines to be rejected” and “The commandments of Christ”.

  • God’s call in Leviticus.
    For many who have read Leviticus today, even many who have embraced the Gospel of Christ, the wording of God’s call is not attractive; they are not drawn closer to God by the material in the book, but feel distant from Him and perplexed by much of the law.
    The objective of this book, therefore, is to show the relevance of Leviticus for today’s disciples of Christ, and to draw the unmistakable links between God’s message to the nation of Israel in the wilderness, and that to followers of the Lord Jesus who are in a wilderness of probation, endeavouring to enter fully into God’s promised rest.

  • The Bedside Watchman – e-book

  • The Acts of the Apostles forms a bridge between the Gospels and the Epistles. Imagine a New Testament without Acts! We would have no context in which to understand the origin of the Epistles, those letters from the apostles addressed to ecclesias, the foundations of which would be a mystery and the lives of authors mostly unknown.
    Acts traces the progress of the spread of the Gospel from the initial proclamation at Pentecost by Peter and the Twelve in Jerusalem to the arrival of Paul in Rome. We are told nothing of the “acts” of most of the apostles. Nine of the twelve are not heard of individually after Chapter 1. In reality, Acts gives an account of the early work of Peter and, to a much lesser extent John, whole the greater part is devoted to Paul, who was not one of the original Twelve.
    This scolarly yet readily accessible study of the Acts of the Apostles takes the reader sequentially through the book. Studies are aided by the use of maps, tables, sixty “digressions”, and colour photographs depicting many of the locations visited by the apostles.
    Watch the author introduce his book on YouTube!

  • Beside the Brook – e-book

  • If you have been wondering which book to read next, or which one to give for a Sunday School prize or at a baptism, this is a book that could put you on the right track.
    It started as a series of magazine articles, with additional material on the Internet, and has now become a 182-page book, full of information and recommendations.
    If you want to improve your reading and enhance your understanding of God’s word, this is a book for you. Or if not for you, why not give a copy to someone whose reading you want to encourage?