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The following library contains our complete collection of E-books. Please use the category lists above to narrow your search if you’re looking for something more specific.

  • This 2002 edition hymn book contains both words and music, and is in PDF format for you to download for use on your personal electronic devices only.

  • This work, first published in 1980, is a valuable contribution to our understanding of the life of Joseph, as revealed in the scripture. As commented in the preface:
    “It is impossible to read about [Joseph] without understanding something more of the Redeemer for whom he waited: the child of God’s love who was himself called out of Egypt, and who still today calls men and women out of Egyptian darkness into the glorious light of God’s truth.”

  • This 2002 edition hymn book contains words only, and is in ePub format for you to download for use on your personal electronic devices only.

  • OVER the years many fine Bible students have contributed articles to The Christadelphian. Some of the series, and occasionally collections of single articles, have subsequently been produced as books, but there is much material lying largely forgotten that deserves the attention of a new generation of readers.
    The availability of the magazine in electronic form has made it far easier to search through past issues, but it can still be a time consuming exercise to collect together all the articles in a series.
    The Study Series from The Christadelphian addresses that issue, and it is hoped that readers will find these additional e-booklets helpful and convenient to use. The twenty-third one, Genesis Foundations, reproduces twelve articles under this heading by various brethren which were published in the magazine from January to December 2015.

  • This technical document summarises current legislation for charities. In particular it considers the obligations placed on ecclesias in England and Wales and the circumstances in which they should consider registering as charities.

  • Some passages in scripture are difficult to understand or seem to be at variance with other passages. God is not the author of confusion and so an attempt must be made to explain the passage and then ensure that this explanation accords with the rest of scripture.
    As with a jigsaw puzzle, a piece may fit but if it does not harmonise with the overall picture then it evidently is the wrong piece. This book attempts to provide explanations for some of the puzzling passages in the Bible.
    Watch the author introduce his book on YouTube!

  • “Godly discipleship is never a natural characteristic in man: it has to be learned, and it has to be practised. Like a skilled musician, the disciple can become rusty if he grows indolent or lethargic, or if he fails to practise his dicipleship every minute of every day.”
    The fourth edition of this readable and very practical book provides much food for thought and action in the life of the disciple.

  • In The Genesis of Blessings, Andrew Walker lays out a lifetime’s love of Genesis with a unique perspective on its structure, key themes and connections. He shows us how the book of beginnings opens with the Lord as Creator of heaven and earth, and tells of the first bridegroom and his bride, of sin and its condemnation, and of the great victory promised over all the earth through the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Above all, we discover that Genesis, more than any other book, is a book of blessings, where the promises of God become the foundation for all that follows.
    Readers will be excited and challeneged by the magnificent canvas on which the Almighty paints: the promises made, the people prepared, the earth waiting to be filled with His glory.

  • This is a book about Bible prophecy, particularly in relation to Israel and the fulfilment of the great promises made to the patriarchs which are at the heart of the Gospel message.
    It is hoped that the material presented here will provide the reader with a greater awareness of the hand of God at work, especially over the past 120 years, as the remarkable events associated with Israel’s restoration have begun to unfold. They point to the nearness of Christ’’s return and emphasise to all his followers the need to watch and be prepared for that day.

  • Abraham and Sarah walked together before Almighty God. It was together as a couple that they learned, then lived and finally loved the counsels of God that guided their steps.
    Their experiences were special but not unique, for the development of faith matured by trial is the way of God with all His children. How encouraging it is to know, however, that even the father and mother of the faithful needed to be taught their faith by God working in their lives.
    Watch the author introduce his book on YouTube!

  • An exposition of the kingdom of God with reference to the time of the end and the age to come. Like Christendom Astray, this book also emerged as a result of a series of lectures (given in 1848) dealing with the Hope of Israel. It sets out in systematic form Bible teaching about sin, death and reconciliation, and the purpose of God to fill the earth with His glory as the waters cover the sea.

  • This book was first published in 1986 as The Christadelphians: what they believe and preach (and is still available under this title). Over the years many have been helped by its clear and forthright presentation of Bible teaching. This is a new edition; slightly revised and under this new heading, to widen its appeal. It should provide a very useful follow-on to introductory courses.