• Many Christians see the Antichrist as being a future ruler who will reign over the whole world, rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, elevate the Jewish nation and make war against Christians. These are precisely the characteristics Christadelphians have traditionally believed to be true of Jesus at his return. As well as showing where the widely-accepted theory of Antichrist fails, The Antichrist: Christendom’s Final Deceptionpresents the idea that it is the corrupted Christian churches that truly represent the spirit of Antichrist.

  • The angels are ever-present in Scripture, yet they are rarely the direct subject of discussion by the inspired writers. This fact makes this book an especially useful one. The topic is covered under five main chapter headings: 1. God revealed in the angels 2. Their origin, form and capabilities 3. Their heavenly society and characteristics 4. The activities and functions of God’s messengers 5. Difficult Scriptural passages involving angels explained

  • Bro. David helps us delve into the significance of the text of Amos. In doing so he brings to light many expositional gems for our contemplation. But this is more than just a very useful and contemplative commentary; it is also a book of challenging exhortation. Liberally sprinkled through the book are brief essays which suggest applications of Amos” message for the modern reader, many of which address topical issues of concern to brothers and sisters around the world today. This commentary is therefore an excellent supply of both detailed exposition and practical encouragement.

  • The magazines of John Thomas, Apostolic Advocate 5 volumes, 1834-38), Herald of the Future Age (4 volumes, 1845-48) and Herald of the Kingdom and Age to Come (11 volumes, 1851-61) are included … These can be accessed by a very powerful commercial search program, and they are compatible with the material available on the Christadelphian Magazine CD-ROM and the Christadelphian Works volume 2 CD-ROM.

  • A detailed study of the life of Abraham with particular emphasis on the promises and covenant made to him by God. The author also explains the types and lessons to be drawn from the life of this faithful friend of God.

  • A verse by verse commentary on the epistle. A useful addition is the appendix showing all the links between 1 Peter and the Gospel accounts, highlighting the lasting impact of the Lord Jesus on Peter’s mind.