• This book examines fifteen different Bible characters and seeks to provide an insight into the hearts and minds of these men and women who move through the word of God in such a fascinating way.

  • The boy of twelve committed himself to his Father’s business and became the man of thirty who went into the waters of the Jordan, publicly declaring that this was the way to fulfil all righteousness. Walk with Jesus during the first two years of his ministry. See his love of the Father, his joy over those who showed faith and his compassion for those in need. This journey from Bethlehem will become the road to Calvary.

  • This work was first published in 1880 as a result of lectures given in the spring of that year. The first lecture contains this statement of intent:
    “The object of the present course of lectures is to exhibit in a simple way the meaning of this (at first sight) apparently inscrutable book of Revelation.”

  • As the firstborn son of the first mortal king of Israel, Jonathan should, by rights, have been the next king.
    Indeed, naturally speaking, he would surely have been a marvellous ruler over God’s people. And yet it was not to be. Another would rule instead of him, as decreed by the Almighty. Some would have complained at the apparent injustice of this: not Jonathan. His faithful acceptance of the will of the Father, and his love for the one who was to take his place, provide wonderful lessons for us all.

  • This 2002 edition, in horizontal (landscape) format is Wiro-bound and designed to be used on the music stand of an organ or piano. The music is about 20% larger than in the standard sized hymn book. Each page accommodates 2 pages from the standard book, and all ‘anthems’ can be played without turning the page. The scripture index is omitted.

  • Book 1 of Anna Tikvah’s series. At the funeral of her alcoholic father, Verity Lovell begins to realise how little she knows about what happens after death. Had her father really gone to heaven when he'd been drunkenly abusive and mocked anyone and everything religious? Determined to find the answers to her questions, Verity begins reading the Bible for herself. This search for life continues throughout all the upheaval of moving with her family from the Canadian province of Saskatchewan to the province of Ontario. Unfortunately, her angry, homesick brother – desperate to finish high school and move back to Regina – gets involved in trouble he should have known to avoid. Is she able to help him? Or forgive him?! will tall, kind Peter Bryant be a true friend to her brother, or to her – even when life gets difficult? Join Verity’s search through the Bible as she uncovers many more questions, before she at last makes a stunning discovery!

  • Supplied as single uncut sheet.

  • A servant, a king, a shepherd summarises much of the life of David – aspects which, in turn, define his greater Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. The author, in exploring the life of David, reveals a pattern for the life of those who follow God, who would share in the covenant made and who wait for that greater King to be revealed, to sit on the throne of his father David.

  • Provides a detailed study of the Law, with many insights for those who wish to understand it more fully.

  • A compilation of crosswords based on the scheduled readings from Robert Roberts’ Bible Companion.

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