• A compilation of Sister Ray’s writings in the Bible Student and New Bible Student magazines from 1970-1996. The book covers a wide-range of topics including: the Children of the East, the infiltration of Platonic philosophy into Christianity, the doctrinal vocabulary of the apostate Church, the mystery of Darius the Mede, God Manifestation, Providence & Prayer and Christ & the Exodus.

  • This book is an attempt to present a harmonious solution to questions of biblical chronology.
    Thirteen charts are provided, displaying the chronology in an easy reference format, accurately to scale. In addition, some notes are provided on the scriptural and archaeological evidence that supports the results.

  • A reflection on Philippians 4:8.

  • A moving and personalized account of John Evans and his bid to live by his conscience in the First World War. This book, written by his son,  provides a timeless personal example of what it is like to make a stand for the truth in times of distress.

  • From the ancient ‘ten words’ engraven on tablets of stone, the author offers pithy and practical advice for the modern disciple. Thus, in connection with the fourth commandment: “If any disciple esteems every day alike, it is not that all days now become to him equally secular, but that they all become equally holy”. The importance and relevance of the God-given commands is examined and is supported by the author’s frequent use of “digressions”. Although another century has commenced these timeless principles still need our attention.

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    A detailed work of history and structure of the tabernacle written by the author of the “Exhaustive Concordance”.
    The final section of the book deals with the symbolism of the tabernacle.

  • A selection of articles written for The Testimony magazine under the following headings: Doctrinal and general topics (Prophecy: Revelation or Speculation?, 'Let Us Make Man in Our Image', Crossing the Waters of Jordan, The Doctrine of the Virgin Birth, Christ and the Angels, 'Even as I Overcame', 'Saved; Yet So as by Fire' and Do We Experience the Fellowship of the Spirit?) Expositional topics: Old Testament (Moses in Later Revelation, 'That It Might Be Fulfilled …', The Problem of Immanuel, The Gogian Invasion, Daniel 11-12 in the Mount Olivet Prophecy and The Latter Days in Daniel 11) Expositional topics: New Testament (The Guiding Star, 'How Many Loaves Have Ye?', 'If Thine Eye Offend Thee', The Day of the Son of Man, The Mount Olivet Prophecy, The Presence of Christ and 'The Elements Shall Melt')
  • A selection of articles written for The Testimony magazine under the following headings: Doctrinal and general topics (Inspiration and Revelation; The Canon of Scripture; The Work of the Holy Spirit and Prophecies about Israel: Principles of Interpretation) Expositional topics: Old Testament (The Genesis Record of Creation; The Antediluvian Patriarchs; Psalm 119; The Enigma of Ecclesiastes; The Song of Solomon: A More Reasonable Approach; The Prophecy of Isaiah: An Introduction; The Immanuel Prophecies; The Suffering Servant in Isaiah and The Work of Angels in Daniel 10&12) Expositional topics: New Testament (Parables by the sea; The Preface to Luke's Gospel; The Parable of the Unjust Steward; The Rich Man and Lazarus; In and Around the Gospel of John, Michael and the Body of Moses, Jude and the Book of Enoch and The Lamb Before the Throne)
  • The place of weather, volcanoes and earthquakes in fulfilling Bible prophecy.

  • Contains 48 ruled pages.

  • Sunday School Prize Labels (8 labels per sheet)