• The angels are ever-present in Scripture, yet they are rarely the direct subject of discussion by the inspired writers. This fact makes this book an especially useful one. The topic is covered under five main chapter headings: 1. God revealed in the angels 2. Their origin, form and capabilities 3. Their heavenly society and characteristics 4. The activities and functions of God’s messengers 5. Difficult Scriptural passages involving angels explained

  • The magazines of John Thomas, Apostolic Advocate 5 volumes, 1834-38), Herald of the Future Age (4 volumes, 1845-48) and Herald of the Kingdom and Age to Come (11 volumes, 1851-61) are included … These can be accessed by a very powerful commercial search program, and they are compatible with the material available on the Christadelphian Magazine CD-ROM and the Christadelphian Works volume 2 CD-ROM.