• Holy Vessels and the Furniture of the Tabernacle

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    More than 140 important people and events, including 10 key periods of history-the patriarchs; sojourn in Egypt; Exodus wanderings; judges; Saul, David, and Solomon; Divided kingdom; Babylonian exile; Jerusalem rebuilding; life of Jesus; and the lives of the apostles are outlined. This four panel time line measures over 3 meters long x 28cm high (10 ft long x 11 in high). For ages 8 and up.
  • This book deals with the reliability of the Old Testament records, together with comment on their message and relevance.

  • From the time when the scriptures came into existence, this book traces their preservation and translation to the present day. The author discusses the inspiration of the scriptures and the way the hand of God ensured that His word should be available to all generations.

  • The notes provide commentary on the kings from the division of the kingdom into Israel and Judah, until the end of the Kingdom of Judah under Zedekiah.
    The notes span the following sections of scripture:-
    1 Kings 12 to 22
    2 Kings 1 to 25
    2 Chronicles 10 to 36
    Those chapters dealing with the lives of Elijah and Elisha have been excluded except where they record events in their lives that are interwoven with the lives of kings under consideration,
    Each king is considered separately starting with biographic and dating information, then an essay on a summary of their life, their character, a timeline of their life, and then verse by verse notes to assist study of the text. Many illustrations are included to complement the notes.

  • This work examines the historical framework in which the Christian Gospel is set and is a survey of the world situation after the death of Alexander the Great, dealing with the Maccabean period and continuing up to AD 138.

  • Thousands of Jewish children were taken from Nazi occupied territories to safety in Great Britain. Approximately 250 of these children were sponsored by Christadelphians.

  • The second volume in this series continues on with the stories of ten more Jewish children cared for by Christadelphians, having fled the terror of Nazi Germany. This volume focuses on Elpis Lodge, the Birmingham hostel sponsored by the Christadelphian community.

  • Marking the 400 year anniversary of the Authorised Version of the English Bible – known as the King James Version to many readers across the globe – this is the remarkable story of one of the most influential works ever published in the English language. The author follows the twists and turns of an extraordinary work, right up to the present day.

  • First written in 1883, this book comprehensively deals with the life of the Lord Jesus Christ and at the same time gives much background information to New Testament times. It is divided into five separate books which examine the various stages in the life of the Lord Jesus. It also includes nineteen appendices covering many subjects arising from a consideration of the life of the Lord.