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    The biochemical challenge to evolution.

  • A preaching aid pamphlet produced by The Christadelphian This booklet, produced on behalf of the Military Service Committee, concerns the disciple of Christ and litigation, but also other important and topical issues relating to life in today’s complex world.

  • Bro. Robert’s word-picture of what a visit to Jerusalem will be like in the Kingdom Age.

  • A manual designed to assist Christadelphian young people facing the prospect of national service call-up. This 2012 edition has been reset and the publishers have added two appendices. The first contains the wording of the Defence Legislation Amendment Act 1992, and the second describes how a mock tribunal works as a way to prepare appellants for a tribunal hearing.

  • A comprehensive look at conscientious objection stances taken by Australian brothers and sisters. The book starts with the New Testament perspective on the believer’s relationship with the state, before progressing chronologically through the historical basis of our stand. Chapter titles: 1. The Scriptural basis for our stand 2. The Scriptural basis for our stand 3. World War I – before and after 4. World War II – before and after 5. The National Service Act (1950-72) 6. Court experience 7. Other matters of state 8. Conclusion – the future? The book comes complete with an audio CD of interviews with brethren and sisters who have had their lives particularly effected by the issue.

  • Principles of Christian Marriage

  • This book deals with issues in the life of men and women in Christ where their Biblical conscience is challenged by the state.

  • This technical document summarises current legislation for charities. In particular it considers the obligations placed on ecclesias in England and Wales and the circumstances in which they should consider registering as charities.

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    God’s warning to His people the Jews was clear. He said that if they were unfaithful, “Then I will cut off Israel out of the land which I have given them; ….. and Israel shall be a proverb and a byword among all the people. How accurately these words were fulfilled in the history of the Jewish people is the topic of this book

  • Caring Matters: Supporting the Aged

  • If you have been wondering which book to read next, or which one to give for a Sunday School prize or at a baptism, this is a book that could put you on the right track. It started as a series of magazine articles, with additional material on the Internet, and has now become a 182-page book, full of information and recommendations. If you want to improve your reading and enhance your understanding of God’s word, this is a book for you. Or if not for you, why not give a copy to someone whose reading you want to encourage?