• This book presents a basic step by step Bible Study Course designed for everyone. Follows the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation., Sets out the fundamental teachings of the Bible clearly., Gives the Bible’s correct historical setting., Sets out the overall plan and purpose of God with the earth., Explains the teaching and work of Jesus Christ., Gives the key to interpreting Bible prophecy., Explains the hope you can share through the Gospel. This course provides much useful information for those already baptized and also for those seeking Bible truth.

  • The author writes in the Preface that this is a book “loaded with the writer’s personal enthusiasms”. Certainly his delight in Bible study comes through these pages, as he deals with subjects such as “Poets and their picture language”; “Old Testament idiom”; “Young and Strong” (the uses of a concordance); “I have been here before”; “Learn your tables”. For all ages, a book to refresh our appetite for personal Bible study and devotion.

  • This collection of essays has been culled from The Christadelphian magazine of which the author was Editor from 1937 until his death in 1962. The selection includes twelve editorials, eight exhortations, and nine articles; one comprising a nine-part series called “Many parts and many ways”, and another, a four-part series on “Bible echoes”. The essays are drawn from virtually the entire period of his editorship, the earliest being from 1942 and the latest from 1960. Through them, we are left in no doubt of the author’s reverence for God and love of the scriptures.

  • The Course of Time

  • A discussion of Bible passages often misinterpreted.

  • In The Blood of Christ Bro. Roberts explains what it means for Christ to have shed his blood for many. As well as doctrinal aspects of the Atonement, he also discusses why it is important to understand Christ’s sacrifice, and then the effect it should have on our lives.

  • First Principles Bible Marking Course

  • In the preface of the first edition, the author writes: “Looking at the Bible as divine, the author is concerned to know and exhibit the Bible doctrine of providence only, believing that outside the Bible channel, we can gather no reliable notions of providence whatever, but lose ourselves in the mist of speculation and uncertainty. Inside the Bible channel we get definite notions – clear light and valuable guidance on all matters affecting human life as at present troublously exhibited on earth, whether as regards individual well-being or national development.”

  • The concept of God manifestation has always been crucial to a complete understanding of a wide variety of Bible passages. In this easy-to-read introduction to the subject, Brother Jason shows how God reveals himself through the angels, through His Son and through the faithful saints. Each chapter has appended review questions to consider.

  • Several times in the past, God has intervened in human affairs and the outcome has always been dramatic and hugely important.
    He is about to do the same again; this time on a bigger scale. The whole world is going to be changed and a new society will be formed out of the wreckage of the old one.
    This book will explain what is about to happen and why. But, even more importantly, it will show you how to find the key that will let you into God’s new world. The Bible is the key and this book can help you understand what the Bible teaches and help you read the Bible for yourself.
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  • A survey of the whole Bible in a succinct, easy-to-read style, ideal for preaching purposes.

  • Twelve of the foundation principles of faith are examined by different authors, giving further insight into the Statement of Faith and its application to the life of the disciple of Christ.