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  • Late in the first century AD the Apostle Paul wrote a letter to Christian believers in the Roman colony of Philippi.He himself was in prison in Rome. Like a letter we might write, it contained some personal news about himself and also his hopes and fears for those he was writing to.
    The Gospel is unchanging, so the message of hope Paul conveyed to his friends is relevant now also. All who read it should be encouraged to “press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” (chapter 3, verse 14).

  • This new book on inspiration, the very foundation of our faith, is a comprehensive collection of articles, most of which have been previously published in The Christadelphian over the years. Authors include Brethren John Thomas, Robert Roberts, John Carter, Alfred Norris, Alfred Nicholls, Ron Abel, Peter Watkins and others.

  • Not only does God reveal Himself as Creator but in many other ways, particularly shown in His Memorial Name. This book examines the different ways the Lord God has manifested Himself.

  • In this work, the author not only addresses the subject of evil and sin but, by contrast, expands on obedience, redemption and the perfection seen in the Lord Jesus Christ. A thorough study dealing with the issues raised by the concept of the Devil and Satan.

  • A series of articles first published in The Christadelphian (1998 – 2000), published as book form.

    “We can view the books of Chronicles as documents preparing a people for the Saviour to come. Like the Gospel accounts of Matthew and Luke, they commence with genealogical information, and continue by describing the growth and power of privileged classes in Judah who quickly moved away from relying on God’s word, killing the prophets and stoning those who were sent to them from God.”

    In these words the book is recommended as a help to the reading of the books of Chronicles.

  • This book was designed to remind a new generation of the stand that has been taken by Christadelphians over the past 150 years, and by all faithful believers down the centuries. The topics dealt with include: Scripture teaching on the disciple and war., The believer’s conscience from the first century to the present., The experiences of believers in the American Civil War and two World Wars., Persecution for conscience sake in the world today.

  • Wrested Scriptures

  • For those who wish to study the life of the Lord Jesus Christ it is a great blessing to have four separately inspired, yet complementary, accounts of his life in the New Testament. This volume provides a detailed yet very readable commentary on the Gospel through John – written “that ye may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye may have life in his name”.

  • At the time when Israel was being forged into a nation with its own identity,
    and while its people were wandering in the wilderness of Sinai, God instructed Moses to build a special centre for worship. The journey from where the Israelite tents were pitched to the centre of the Tabernacle where the Ark of God was placed became a “Way of Life”. It involved, as does a believer’s life today, separation and sacrifice, washing and baptism, prayer and devotion, a recognition of sin and the desire for righteousness. All these are described in the various parts of the Tabernacle. This simple sanctuary teaches us about man’s origins and destiny, about God and His holiness, and about the Lord Jesus Christ and his sacrifice; its study can assist all who wish to worship God “in spirit and in truth”.

  • The Song of Songs is one of the most delightful books in the Bible. Its exalted theme, the love of one man for one woman as they prepare for marriage, has few equals. The meaning of the book has presented a challenge to every Bible student. This Study Guide follows the “shepherd” and “rose-of-Sharon” interpretation, revealing the relationship between Christ and the saints.
    We all need the moral guidance which the Song of Solomon presents. The young at heart, seeking to choose the good and reject the evil, will find in this Guide wholesome instruction and true delight.

  • Solemn Moments of Remembrance

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