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Help – Electronic Subscriptions

What format are the electronic magazines in?

They are saved as PDF files, the most universal format, which operates on the majority of devices.

What device(s) will the electronic magazine work on?

We have not tested the electronic magazine on all the different devices available today, but know it works on:

  • Computers / Laptops (Windows / Mac OS / Linux)
  • Tablets (iOS / Android / Windows)
  • Smartphones (iOS / Android / Windows Phone)
  • E-readers (such as Kindle* / Nook)

It should work on other devices able to read PDFs although it might not work on all devices out-of-the-box; it may be necessary to download a PDF-reading application first. Please refer to the device’s operating instructions. We know that it works on the following applications:

  • Adobe Reader (Windows / Mac OS / Linux / iOS / Android / Windows Phone)
  • Kindle (Windows / Mac OS / iOS / Android / Windows Phone)
  • Books (iOS / Mac OS)

If you have tried devices or software not on this list and found it does (or doesn’t) work, please let us know and we can include it here.

* Except first-generation Kindle e-readers, which don’t support PDFs.

I have a device with a smaller screen. Will the text be big enough to read?

Of course. One of the benefits of reading electronic editions is that you can enlarge the content as much as necessary. To help with this we produce two different editions, each optimised for a different class of device:

  1. Larger screen devices – ideal for viewing on computers, laptops and tablets (such as the iPad).
  2. Smaller screen devices – ideal for viewing on smartphones (such as the iPhone) or e-readers (such as the Kindle).

But there is nothing to stop users from reading the larger screen version on a smartphone, or the smaller screen version on a computer – the choice is yours!

I have a computer and a smartphone. Can I download the same issue to both devices?

Of course. You can download it onto as many devices as you personally own. However, as we put a lot of effort into producing each issue of The Christadelphian, we ask it is used for personal purposes only, and is not passed on to people outside your household.

I currently subscribe to the paper copy of the magazine. Can I also get an electronic subscription?

Yes. If you already subscribe to the paper copy, you can get an electronic copy for half price. Contact us to make the necessary arrangements.

Can I have an electronic copy of a single issue, rather than a complete year?

Unfortunately this is not currently possible. However, we are looking to add this functionality in the future.

What happens if I no longer continue to subscribe? Will I lose access to the magazines I’ve already received?

If you end your subscription, you will continue to enjoy access to all editions already purchased. These can be accessed by signing into your account and viewing your subscriptions (My Account > Downloads).

Can I take out an electronic subscription for an ecclesia?

No. Our electronic subscriptions are for personal (i.e., one subscriber) use only. For copies shared among ecclesial members, we recommend a printed subscription is taken instead.

Can I pass on my copy to a friend?

No. As we spend a lot of time each month producing the magazine, we ask that you don’t pass it on to people outside your household.

How do I know when the latest issue is available?

When each magazine is published, an e-mail is sent to all subscribers, from which their personal copy of the magazine can be downloaded. This e-mail is sent from no.reply [at] thechristadelphian [dot] com, usually on the 28th of the month.

If you don’t receive this email, we recommend you check your spam / junk mailbox first; adding the e-mail address to your address book and / or a ‘whitelist’ may also ensure the e-mail gets through. For further details refer to the help provided by your e-mail provider.

It’s the 28th of the month, and I’ve not received my magazine e-mail. What’s gone wrong?

If you don’t receive this e-mail, we recommend you check your spam / junk mailbox; adding the e-mail address no.reply [at] thechristadelphian [dot] com to your address book and / or a ‘whitelist’ may also ensure the e-mail gets through. For further details refer to the help provided by your e-mail provider.

If it is not there, you may need to contact your e-mail provider, as some providers are more agressive at filtering mail than others. Ask them how you can always allow e-mail from no.reply [at] thechristadelphian [dot] com through their system.

There are two versions of each magazine – what are the differences?

The two versions are produced for different devices with larger or smaller screens.

  1. The larger screen version runs to 52 pages, with the layout identical to the print edition.
  2. The smaller screen version is optimised for reading on small screens (such as smartphones or e-readers). For these the layout is different from the print edition having been altered to make the text more readable. There are normally over 200 pages in each smaller screen edition, even though the content is the same.

I’ve accidentally deleted my copy of the magazine. Can I download it again?

Of course. There are no limitations on the number of times you can download a particular issue, even if your subscription has ended. These can be accessed by signing into your account and viewing your subscriptions (My Account > Downloads).

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