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Help – Buying From Our Site

How do I buy products from your online shop?

Buying products online is very similar to buying them in a supermarket! You place items you want in a basket, which you then take to a checkout. These are added up, and you pay for them. Our online shop also has a basket and a checkout, and works in exactly the same way!

How do I add items to my basket?

This is very easy. Simply go to the product you want to buy and click the [BUY] button just underneath the price. This will update the number of items in your basket (check the basket icon in the upper right hand corner of the website).

I want more than one item. How do I buy multiple items?

If you want more than one copy of the same item, simply enter the quantity required into the [Quantity] box which appears alongside the [BUY] item on the basket popup or basket page. When you enter in a different quantity, the price alsonside your product will change immediately to reflect the quantity you have requested. If you want a number of different items, then just repeat the process of adding items to your basket as many times as required. Alternatively, you can change the quantity in the basket after you have added them. Just make sure you check the [Update basket] button before you go!

How do I view the contents of my basket?

You can view your basket at any time by clicking either the [Basket] icon iwhich is always at the top right-hand side of the page (even if you scroll down).

I’ve added an item to my basket, but I want to change the quantity. How do I do that?

To do this, go to your basket. From here you can amend the quantity by typing in the required amount in the [Quantity] box.

  • If you click [Update Basket], it will update your basket and recalculate all the amounts.

I’ve added an item to my basket, but I added the wrong one. How do I remove it?

Go to your basket, and click the small [X] icon by the product you wish you delete. You will be presented with a popup box asking for a final confirmation for the removal of the item from your checkout.

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