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Help – Browsing Our Site

Where do I find things on your website?

Our website is organised the following way:

  • Any information about, or resources from, our organisation are available from the menu bar along the top of every page;
  • Anything related to our shop is available from the menu under the ‘shop’ section. You can also search for products using the [search] bar in the upper left corner of the site.

How do I browse your online shop?

The first place to start is by using the links in the menu on the left-hand side of the page. From here you can find useful sections, such as finding new items or what is new on our site; or you can jump into one of the main categories (such as ‘Second Hand Books’) to start browsing.

I’m looking for a specific title. How do I find it?

Simply enter in a word or words you wish to search for in the [Search] box, which is at the top-right-hand side of every page. You can search for words from the title, author, description; or even a topic or an ISBN number.

Any items found will be listed in the main window; if no products are found you will be given a warning that no products have been found. In this case, try searching for less words or try an alternative spelling.

You can then refine your new products search further by using the [Sort by] or [Filter by] tools in the right-hand column. To filter, simply click one of the pop-up menus and make your selection; results are instantly applied and the list updated. Multiple filters can be applied at once – as many as you want!

Lastly, you can view items either by picture [Grid view] or as a list [List view] so you can be sure that you’re looking at the items you are after!

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