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The speed with which the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is racing around the world is having a devastating effect on many lives. We pray for the ill and for the medical staff who care for them. Most of all we pray for the return of our Lord.

On this page we are publishing information to help brothers and sisters and ecclesias, including guidance and recommendations from the Expert Advisory Group. Use the navigation below to move to the relevant section for you.

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Non-UK customers please note: international shipping restrictions are now in place due to the current coronavirus pandemic. You are strongly advised to check the listing of destinations affected before ordering at:

We cannot predict when we may be able to despatch to affected areas. If you would like further guidance, please e-mail

Latest advice from the Expert Advisory Group

The Expert Advisory Group’s latest advice closely follows that of the UK government, with which we are familiar. The following advice from the NHS summarises the measures to be taken to avoid catching or spreading COVID-19. Here is the current advice.

Click the button below to view the Expert Advisory Group’s guidance and recommendations. The information will be updated periodically so it is worth visiting this page from time to time.


Streaming online

For brothers and sisters unable to attend a meeting in person a list of ecclesias which stream their services is available. The Christadelphian Isolation League provides a live streaming service called ‘CIL Meet’ which enables ecclesias to broadcast services privately and securely over the internet (via the CIL Website). Guidelines have been prepared on how to set up ‘virtual’ groups for individual ecclesias and have been circulated to UK Recording Brothers / Secretaries on March 17. Ecclesias wishing to arrange internet access and obtain the necessary hardware may wish to consider this guidance.

Other CIL services

The CIL website provides access to weekly exhortations and Bible studies and monthly lectures. It houses articles going back nearly 20 years and a vast archive of recorded talks. The exhortations, lectures and Bible studies are also available via their daily feeds to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp along with the Daily Readings for the day. To access these please go to the CIL website. For those who are unable to go online or wish to remain offline, physical versions of this material are available by post. CIL contact details are in the CALS Diary.

Silver Linings

As ecclesial life changes there will be many challenges, not least keeping in touch and maintaining good spiritual health. Fellowship without meeting face to face provides an opportunity to think afresh. Here are some suggestions.

  • Broadcast services online – a speaker and presiding brother can lead a service from an empty hall with members viewing online. Skype, Zoom, Google Meet and others listed on this page may work for you.
  • Visit other ecclesias online, perhaps in different countries. A helpful list of those who broadcast services online can be found at
  • Conduct your services by telephone conference call (one recommended service is This will allow participation by the elderly who might not have online access.
  • Listen to Bible talks online (such as bibletalks4u, christadelphianbibletalks and bibletruthandprophecy).
  • Start an ecclesial e-mail / physical newsletter to keep in touch during periods of isolation.
  • Make sure welfare groups are in place and active.
  • Encourage collections by bank transfer. The treasurer will be able to divide out sums according to any instructions given.

Ideas and other suggestions are welcomed and will be added to this page.

The Christadelphian Office

The UK Government has instructed that unless absolutely unavoidable, people should work from home. We are complying with this request. The Office is now closed but trying to serve its customers online. Orders will take time to process, and it may not be possible to attend to them for a while. Physical mail is being delivered, but unlikely to be answered quickly. In the meantime please contact us at or

On Friday March 27 we distributed April’s issue of The Christadelphian and we hope yours arrives soon. In these difficult times Recording Brothers and Secretaries have been sent a complimentary PDF version for distribution as they see appropriate.

God willing, we will deal with May’s issue in a similar manner.

Please note: we still intend operating our online discount weekend over the Easter break (April 10-13 inclusive).

God willing, we will update our website regularly to keep ecclesias informed in these fast-changing times. Please get in touch with us if you have any information that you’d like to add.

God bless you in your prayerful decision making.

Guidance and recommendations from the Expert Advisory Group

The UK Government has reinforced their requirement that everyone must stay at home in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. There are four exceptional reasons for leaving the house: 

  • shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible 
  • one form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household 
  • any medical need, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person 
  • travelling to and from work, but only where this absolutely cannot be done from home 

This means that, for the time being, there should be no face-to-face meetings, and our provision of spiritual, social, and material support for one another should be done by members of the same household or remotely, unless this is not possible. Supplementary government guidance indicates that a minister or worship leader may leave their home and travel to a place of worship alone in order to stream a service on the internet. 

Where should I go to get the latest information on the COVID-19 pandemic?

The NHS has some excellent online resources, which are updated regularly as the picture changes, including updated requirements for self-isolation if you or one of your household develops cold / flu-like symptoms.

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