“The Christadelphian” is a magazine with a wide appeal for people who want a mixture of Bible-based articles – exhortations, character studies, general features and practical suggestions about living as a follower of Jesus Christ. It is topical, for there are always items about world events and their bearing upon Bible prophecy; provocative, for the letters pages range over many topics; beautifully illustrated, which makes the magazine that much easier to read, and up to date, for it contains news from ecclesias and organisations, as well as a helpful summary of forthcoming events in Britain and elsewhere in the ecclesial world. It’s a good read every month.

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The Christadelphian is a monthly magazine published for the Christadelphian community worldwide. Its original forerunner The Ambassador of the Coming Age was started in Birmingham, UK in July 1864 by Robert Roberts. In 1869, its title was changed to The Christadelphian, and it has been published continuously under that title ever since.

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