“Faith Alive” is a magazine for younger readers, probably in the age range 15 to 25, and is written by young people, designed by young people and illustrated with flair and imagination. The articles are short and snappy, suitable for younger readers who like fast food. They are varied, tackling relevant issues like employment, mental health, drug abuse, sexuality – up to date problems that people can now face every day. Sometimes the magazine just deals with one key issue; more often it contains a mixture of topics and subjects. Appearing three times a year, this is a magazine that should be read by young people who want some Bible-based guidance about following Jesus in today’s confused and godless society.

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Faith Alive! is a magazine aimed at readers up to 25 years of age

Published three times a year, Faith Alive! is full of articles to make you think about God, His Son Jesus Christ and the challenges of following him today. Challenges and issues facing young people who strive to follow the Lord are addressed directly.

Single copies or annual subscriptions are available as well as an up-to-date list of future events which can be found in the What’s On section of the website. Please also look at the Faith Alive! website for more details.

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