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What's happening at ecclesias around the world?

The Fraternal Gatherings section from The Christadelphian magazine has, for many years, been a comprehensive list of the events happening at ecclesias throughout the world. For convenience, this will also appear here on our website, and be updated on a monthly basis. This will make it easier to access the information, and help you plan future weekends!

Events highlighted are new since last month. Events shown in italics may be of particular interest for young people. Some selected events can be booked online via This is an online booking service, which offers one-click booking for young people, and centralised administration for event organisers. Click here for more information (opens in a new window).


  • Birmingham (Kings Norton) Study Evening | 4pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Michael Edgecombe (Mount Barker, S. Australia); theme: “Melchizedek, Messiah and us: what it means to be a king and priest today and tomorrow”.

31 (Sunday):


3 (Wednesday):
  • Weston-super-Mare CBMA Presentation | 7.30pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Keith Pearson (Mount Waverley, Vic., Australia).

  • Dronfield Family Fraternal Gathering | 4pm | Venue: The Peel Centre

    Speaker: Bro. Phil Lawrence (Nottingham, Jarvis Avenue); theme: “Drawing closer to God through art – the Lord is my shepherd”.

  • Harrogate Study Afternoon | 4pm | Venue: Pannal Hall

    Speaker: Bro. Roger Long (Coventry, Grosvenor Road); theme: “The great day of the LORD” (Zephaniah): (1) “I will utterly consume”; (2) “I will make you a name and a praise”.

  • Kingsleigh House Open Day | 2pm | Venue: Kingsleigh House
  • Ormskirk Fraternal Gathering | 6pm | Venue: Aughton Village Hall

    Speakers: Brethren Tecwyn Morgan (Birmingham, Castle Bromwich) and Tim Morgan (Ashton-under-Lyne); theme: “Let brotherly love continue”: (1) “Be content with such things as ye have”; (2) “Jesus Christ: the same yesterday, today and tomorrow”.

  • Scarborough Fraternal Gathering | 4pm | Venue: Jubilee Hall

    Speaker: Bro. Peter Forbes (Glenfield); theme: “Sorrow turned to joy”.

  • SE CALS Family Gathering, British Museum Visit and London Bible Trail | 10.30am
  • Bozeman (MT, USA) Study Weekend

    Speaker: Bro. Jeff Gelineau (Simi Hills, CA).

  • Birmingham Family Study Day | Venue: Moseley School

    Theme: “Painful lessons from Peter”; speakers: Brethren Andrew Walker (Doncaster) and James Walker (Milnsbridge). Further information and booking forms available on the website.

  • Cambridge Fraternal Gathering | 3pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Karam Ram (Tamworth); theme: “The Sermon on the Mount”: (1) “The kingdom of God”; (2) “Righteousness”.

  • Porthleven Study Afternoon | 3.30pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. David Burges (Leamington Spa); theme: “Living by faith”: (1) “Saved by grace through faith”; (2) “Created into Christ Jesus and to good works”.

  • Rochdale Fraternal Gathering | 3.30pm | Venue: Thrum Hall Methodist Church

    Speaker: Bro. Andrew Johnson (Birmingham, Kings Norton); theme: “The glory of God (2 Corinthians 3 & 4)”: (1) “In the face of Jesus Christ”; (2) “We have this treasure in earthen vessels”.

  • Studley Fraternal Gathering | 5pm | Venue: Studley Infants’ School

    Speaker: Bro. Graham Parker (Dudley, Queens Cross); theme (taken from Nahum): “Judah – perform your vows”: (1) “The Lord has his way”; (2) “The Lord will restore”.

14 (Sunday):
  • Caerphilly Study Evening | 5pm | Venue: Caerphilly Guide Hall

    Speaker: Bro. Richard Brown (Malvern); theme: “In Isaac shall thy seed be called”: (1) “God will provide himself a lamb” (Genesis 22); (2) “Who can find a virtuous woman?” (Genesis 24).

  • London (Thornton Heath) Bible Study Day | Venue: Crockham Hill Hall

    Speaker: Bro. Stephen Palmer (Mumbles); theme: “Urgent exhortations from the Apocalypse”. There will be classes for children aged 5-11 and leisure time during the afternoon. Booking required with Sis. Sally Mullen.

  • Mountsorrel Fraternal Gathering | 4.30pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. David Smith (Wardley); theme: “Small letters – big lessons”: (1) “Testing fellowship”; (2) “Testing love”.

  • Napton-on-the-Hill Study Evening | 5pm | Venue: Village Hall, Napton

    General theme: “The Kings of Israel and Judah”; Speaker: Bro. Alan Eggington (Aberystwyth); theme: “The House of Omri – visiting the transgression of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me”.

  • Petersfield Family Fellowship Day | 10.30am | Venue: The Pavilion

    Speaker: Bro. Tim Newman (Pershore); theme: “Offer the sacrifices of righteousness”.


Christadelphian Office Book Sale and Open Day

27-Jul. 5:
  • Mid-Atlantic Bible School | Venue: Shippensburg University (PA, USA)

    Theme: “The LORD is my light and my salvation” (Psalm 27). The Youth Programme theme will be “God’s 7,000-year plan”. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Jason Hensley (Simi Hills, CA) – “Hezekiah: faith in desperate times” (adults) and “Seeking the lost” (teens); Bro. Steve Hornhardt (Salisbury, S. Australia) – “Come and see: witnessing for Christ” (adults) and “Unlocking Revelation” (teens); Bro. Garth Maier (East Texas, TX) – subjects to be announced. For booking forms and further information, visit the website.


  • Bethesda Open Day | 2pm | Venue: Bethesda
  • UK Christadelphian Choir Rehearsal | Venue: Solihull ecclesial hall | Cost: £15
  • Malvern Study Fraternal | 4.30pm | Venue: Hanley Swan Village Hall

    Speaker: Bro. Tecwyn Morgan (Birmingham, Castle Bromwich); theme: “The Song of Solomon”.

  • Newport Fraternal Gathering | 4pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Joni Mannell (Walsall); theme: “Nazarite deliverers”: (1) “Samson the starter”; (2) “Samuel the finisher”.

  • Porthleven Study Afternoon | 3.30pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Roger Long (Coventry, Grosvenor Road); theme: “The praise of his glory (Ephesians)”: (1) “Spiritual blessings in the heavenlies”; (2) “Walking worthily of our calling”.

  • Preston Study Afternoon | 3pm | Venue: Samlesbury Hall

    Speaker: Bro. John Thorpe (Manchester, Sale); theme: “From the last supper to the resurrection of Christ”. Classes for children of primary school age.

  • South-West Bible School | Venue: Schreiner University (TX, USA)

    Speakers: Bro. Stephen Hornhardt: Adults – “Come and see – witnessing for Christ” and Teens – “Unlocking Revelation”; Bro. Philip Lawrence: Adults – “Have you been converted?” and Teens – “The Lord is my shepherd”; Bro. Dev Ramcharan: Adults – “The law of kindness is on her tongue – women in the faith” and Teens – “Life skills for young people”. For booking forms and further information, visit the website.

  • British Columbia Youth Conference | Venue: Camp Dunlop (BC, Canada) | Ages: 17+ or baptized

    Speaker: Bro. Jim Cowie (Moreton Bay, Qld., Australia); theme: “Jehoshaphat”. Workbook completion required. For further information and registration, visit the website.

  • Manitoulin Family Bible Camp

    Speakers and subjects: Bro. Stephen Whitehouse (Birmingham, Hall Green, UK): “Facing the giants” (adults and young people); Bro. Ron Hicks (Washington, DC): “From Gethsemane to Golgotha” (adults and young people). For further details, visit the website.

  • Leamington Spa Fraternal Gathering | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Tecwyn Morgan (Birmingham, Castle Bromwich).

  • Midwest Bible School | Venue: Trine University (IN, USA)

    Speakers and subjects: Bro. Roger Lewis (Christchurch North, NZ) – “The four faces of Christ in the Gospels”; Bro. Mark Vincent (Stirling, UK) – “The problem of suffering”; Bro. Andrew Bramhill (Shirley, UK) – “Isaac, the overlooked patriarch”. For booking forms and further information, visit the website.

  • Idyllwild Bible School (CA, USA) | Venue: Idyllwild Pines Camp

    Speakers and subjects: Bro. Barry McClure (Punchbowl, NSW, Australia) – “Miracles, wonders and signs” (adults) and “Ecclesiastes: old heads, young shoulders” (teens); Bro. Darren Guy (Halifax, Balmoral Place, UK) – “The final message of Paul and Peter” (adults) and “Meeting Jesus: the way he dealt with people” (teens); Bro. Jim Styles (Simi Hills, CA) –“Jeremiah: change before too late” (adults) and “The Bible and science” (teens). For more information, visit the website.

25-Aug. 1:
  • UKYC | Venue: Pioneer Centre

    Theme: “In defence of faith”. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Stephen Whitehouse (Birmingham, Hall Green) – “Daniel – faith under fire”; Bro. Peter Owen (Mumbles) – “Defending the faith in the first century”. Evenings to include presentations on “Bible prophecy in the defence of faith”; to include classes on prophecies concerning Israel led by Bro. Paul Billington (Brantford, ON) and classes on Revelation led by Bro. Mike Jenner (Rugby). For booking forms and further information, visit the website.

25-Aug. 2:
  • Eastern Bible School | Venue: Connecticut College

    Theme: “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD”. Speakers and Subjects: Bro. Joe Hill (Austin, TX) – “The Gospel in Leviticus and the tabernacle” (adults) and “Hearing the word: learning to study from the parable of the sower” (teens); Bro. Steve Cheetham (Moorestown, NJ) – “Lessons for us from the Kings” (adults) and “Judges: go in and possess the land” (teens); Bro. Jason Hensley (Simi Hills, CA) – “The second exodus and the work of Elijah” (adults) and “Jonathan, the faithful prince” (teens).


  • Harper Adams Bible School | Venue: Harper Adams University

    Theme: “The road to salvation”. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Andrew Johnson (Birmingham, Kings Norton) – “The feasts of the Lord – a parable of our salvation”; Bro. David Smith (Wardley) – “John’s letters of love”; Bro. James Walker (Milnsbridge) – “A week in the way with the Lord – studies in Mark’s Gospel”. Further details and booking forms will be available from Sun. Oct. 19 from the website.

  • Southport Preaching Event and Bible Exhibition.
  • Malvern CYC Camp | Ages 11-18 | Cost: £105

    Theme: “Who is on the Lord's side?”.

  • Winfield Bible School (BC, Canada)

    Theme: “Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost …” (Hebrews 7:25). Speakers and subjects: Bro. Joni Mannell (UK), “At the breaking of bread”; Bro. Dev Ramcharan (Canada), “The God of the fallen”; Bro. Jim Cowie (Australia), “Melchizedek – priest of the Most High God”.

  • Birmingham (Handsworth) Camp

    Speaker: Bro. Richard Alleyne.

  • Manitoulin Youth Conference | Venue: Manitoulin Bible Camp (ON, Canada)

    Speakers: Brethren Jay Mayock Jr. and Ryan Mutter; theme: “The character of Timothy”. For further information and registration, visit the website.

  • Brecon Bible School | Venue: Christ College, Brecon

    Theme: “Teach me thy way, O LORD”. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Andrew Bramhill (Shirley) – “Isaac, the overlooked patriarch”; Bro. Dafydd Jenkins (Cardiff, Museum Place) – “The Lord’s Supper”; and Bro. Arne Roberts (Dunstable) – “The Word of God”. Full details and booking forms online.

  • Croyde Camp | Venue: Cherrytree Farm Camp Site | Ages: 18+ | Cost: £95

    Speaker: Bro. Ben Dwyer (Walsall); theme: “What shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?”

  • Christadelphian Conference | Venue: Lane End Conference Centre

    Speakers: Bro. Martyn Lawrence (Doncaster) – “Isaiah, the servant and the songs”; Bro. Nigel Patterson (Newquay) – “Jesus as John saw him”; Bro. Mark Whittaker (Crewe) – “The Psalms of Asaph”.

  • Plymouth Camp

    Speaker: Bro. Mike Page (Pershore); theme: “Priceless Proverbs”.



  • Dronfield Weekend Campaign | Venue: The Peel Centre

    Speaker: Bro. Karam Ram (Tamworth); theme: “What is the world coming to?”

26-Oct. 2:
  • Busselton Bible School

    Speakers and subjects: Bro. Michael Edgecombe (Mount Barker, SA) – “Colossians: since you have been raised with Christ”; and Bro. Mark Dennes (Sydney, NSW) – “Sensing God: experiencing God with all of our senses in every part of our lives”.

26-Oct. 4:
  • Rathmines Spring Bible School | Venue: Rathmines Bible Camp

    Theme: “Rejoicing in the Lord” – Fifty years at Rathmines. Speakers: Brethren Michael Wolstencroft (Punchbowl, NSW, Australia), Roger Long (Coventry, Grosvenor Road, UK) and Ron Hicks (Washington, DC, USA).


  • Sutton Coldfield Youth Weekend
  • Sussex (NB, Canada) Thanksgiving Gathering | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Bruce Waite (Meriden, CT).

  • Vancouver (BC, Canada) Fraternal Gathering | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Tecwyn Morgan (Birmingham, Castle Bromwich, UK).

  • Scarborough Study Weekend

    Bro. Darren Guy (Halifax, Balmoral Place); theme: “2 Peter – Peter’s guidance for the ‘last days’”.



  • Sarasota (FL, USA) Fall Study Weekend | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Richard Morgan (Hamilton, Book Road, ON, Canada); theme: “Prophecy, predestination and the purpose of God”.



Christadelphian Office Book Sale and Open Day

  • Eastern Winter Study | Venue: Letton Hall

    Speaker: Bro. Peter Forbes (Glenfield); theme: “Lessons for life from the time of the Judges”. Booking forms from your ecclesial notice board or on the website.

28-Jan. 2, 2016:
  • Esslingen Winter Bible School

    Speakers: Bro. Daffyd Jenkins (Cardiff, Museum Place, UK) and Bro. Chris Sales (Shelburne, ON, Canada). More information on the website.

January 2016

  • Australian Christadelphian Conference | Venue: St. Ignatius College

    Speakers: Brethren Matthew Blewett (Westville, South Africa), Mark Vincent (Stirling, UK) and Joe Miles (Maidenhead, UK); theme: “While it is still today” (Hebrews 3:13). Please register at the website.


February 2016


April 2016

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