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What's happening at ecclesias around the world?

The Fraternal Gatherings section from The Christadelphian magazine has, for many years, been a comprehensive list of the events happening at ecclesias throughout the world. For convenience, this will also appear here on our website, and be updated on a monthly basis. This will make it easier to access the information, and help you plan future weekends!

Events highlighted are new since last month. Events shown in italics may be of particular interest for young people. Some selected events can be booked online via This is an online booking service, which offers one-click booking for young people, and centralised administration for event organisers. Click here for more information (opens in a new window).


  • Scarborough Study Weekend

    Bro. Jeremy Thomas (Birmingham, Hall Green); theme: “The exile’s return”.

  • Ammanford Fraternal Gathering | 4pm | Venue: Pensioners Hall

    Bro. Darren Guy (Halifax, Balmoral Place); theme: “Esther”.

  • CIL South-East AGM and Fraternal Gathering | 2.30pm & 4pm | Venue: East Malling Village Hall

    Bro. Graeme Rudland (Eastbourne); theme: “Korah and his sons”: (1) “Let us make a captain”; (2) “The children of Korah died not”.

  • Cornish Ecclesias joint Fraternal Gathering | 6pm | Venue: Camborne ecclesial hall

    Bro. Simeon Guntrip (Manchester, Sale); theme: “Hezekiah – lessons for us”: (1) “Sanctify the LORD of hosts”; (2) “Put your trust in the LORD”.

  • Northern Prophecy Day | 2pm | Venue: Castleford ecclesial hall

    Theme: “Behold I come as a thief – the drama of the Sixth Vial”: (1) “Three unclean spirits like frogs” (Bro. Mike Jenner, Rugby); (2) “Preparation for Armageddon” (Bro. Stephen Palmer, Mumbles); (3) “Milestones update” (Bro. Don Pearce, Rugby).

  • Norwich Fraternal Gathering | 3.30pm | Venue: Hethersett Village Hall

    Bro. Mark Whittaker (Crewe); theme: “The return of the King”: (1) “At the last trumpet”; (2) “We shall all stand before the judgement seat of Christ”.

  • Nottingham (Jarvis Avenue) Youth Day | Venue: ecclesial hall | Activity: team games including treasure trail

    Bro. Phil Lawrence & Bro. John Marshall; theme: “Spending time with Jesus”.

  • Weston-super-Mare Study Afternoon | 4pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. Tecwyn Morgan (Birmingham, Castle Bromwich); theme: “A question of conscience”: (1) “The knowledge of good and evil”; (2) “Attitude and motivation”.

  • Paris (France) breaking of bread | pm

    For details of time and venue please contact Bro. Steve Weston.

31-Nov. 2:


  • Birmingham (Bournville) Youth Day | Venue: ecclesial hall | 9.30am-4.30pm | Ages 8-13 | £5

    Bro. Stephen Whitehouse (Hall Green). For bookings and information, please contact Sis. Rachel Robinson.

  • Blackburn Fraternal Gathering | 3pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. Mark Duckworth (Kettering); theme: “Lessons from Lamentations”.

  • Cambridge Autumn Family Day | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. Eric Marshall (Kings Lynn); theme: “Prophecy being fulfilled today”. Booking required.

  • Cannock Fraternal Gathering | 4pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. David Burges (Leamington Spa); theme: “The Bible and science today”: (1) “God’s amazing universe”; (2) “Wonderful life”.

  • Earlswood Fraternal Gathering | 3pm | Venue: Earlswood Village Hall

    Bro. Simon Griffiths (Coventry, West); theme: “The Temple of Ezekiel’s Prophecy”: (1) “Then came he unto the gate”; (2) “The ordinances of the altar”.

  • Nottingham (South) Study Evening | 4pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. Kitson Reid (Birmingham, Acocks Green); theme: “Hezekiah the great”.

  • Rugby Family Study Day | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. Mark Allfree (Nottingham, Forest Road); theme: “John the Baptist”. Details and booking forms from Sis. E. Baines.

  • Shipley Fraternal Gathering | 2.30pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. Chris Furniss (Redditch).

  • South West Wales Prophecy Day | 11.30am | Venue: The Princess Royal Theatre

    Brethren Bernard Burt & Jonathan Cope (Coventry, West); theme: “Get to know more about …!”.

  • Largo (FL) Fall Study Weekend | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. David Jennings (Pomona, CA); theme: “Led by the spirit”.

  • Victoria (BC) Fall Study Weekend | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. Stephen Snobelen (Bedford, NS); theme: “Bible perspectives on the environment”.

  • Birmingham (Kings Norton) Study and Curry Evening | 6.30pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. Sam Tomkins (Coventry, Grosvenor Road); theme: “Elisha – a portrait of the Saviour”: (1) “Wash and be clean”; (2) “A light to the Gentiles”.

  • Birmingham (Longbridge) Study Evening | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. Tim Hughes (Longbridge); theme: “Jacob – the wrestlings of life in the Lord”: (1) “For I will not leave thee”; (2) “By faith, Jacob … leaning upon his staff”.

  • CBM All-Europe Open Day | 1.30pm | Venue: Coventry (Grosvenor Road) ecclesial hall

    Theme: “Introducing mission work”.

  • Coventry (West) Fraternal Gathering | 4.30pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. Clive Walton (Kinver); theme: “Life in the Millennium”.

  • CSN Awareness Day | 11am | Venue: Worcester ecclesial hall

    Subject: “Children with special needs”. Full details and a booking form can be found on our website.

  • Taunton Study and Sale of Work | Venue: ecclesial hall
  • Bedford Study Fraternal | 6pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. Bernard Burt (Coventry, West); theme: “God’s victory over dragons, beast and the great whore”.

  • Birmingham (Acocks Green) CBM Presentation | 6pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. Paul Wasson (Birmingham, Acocks Green).

  • Blackpool Study Afternoon | 3pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. Tecwyn Morgan (Birmingham, Castle Bromwich).

  • Brantford (ON, Canada) Prophecy Day | 10am | Venue: The German Hall

    Bro. Jonathan Bowen (Brantford, ON); Bro. Ken Styles (Royal Oak, MI); Bro. David Billington (Brantford, ON).

  • CBM East Africa Publicity Meeting | 2pm | Venue: Weston-super-Mare ecclesial hall
  • CSN Praise & Ponderings Afternoon | 2.30pm | Venue: Reinwood School, Huddersfield
  • Daventry Fraternal Study | 4.30pm | Venue: Watford Village Hall

    Bro. Mark Allfree (Nottingham, Forest Road); theme: The First Epistle of John: (1) “Walking in light”; (2) “God is love”.

  • Harrogate Study Evening | 5pm | Venue: Harlow Community Centre

    Bro. Mark Vincent (Stirling); theme: “Biblical relationships”: (1) “The Patriarchs”; (2) “Boaz and Ruth”.

  • Maidenhead Praise Day | Venue: ecclesial hall
  • Nottingham Fellowship Day | 10.15am

    Brethren Vic Aucott (Nottingham, Forest Road) and Phil Evans (Nottingham, South); theme: “We will not neglect the house of God”: (1) “Our obligation to give”; (2) “Our obligation to the needy”; (3) “Set your hope on God”. Booking required; further details (including venue) and a booking form can be obtained from Sis. Charlotte Peet.

  • Teignmouth Study Day | 3.30pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. Karam Ram (Tamworth); theme: “The Sermon on the Mount”: (1) “The sovereignty of God”; (2) “His righteousness”.

  • Wardley Study Day | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. Joni Mannell (Walsall). There will also be a short presentation on the work of the CBM in East Africa.

  • Birmingham (Kings Norton) 80th Anniversary Gathering | Venue: ecclesial hall
  • Birmingham (West) Fraternal Gathering | 3pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. John Owen (Mumbles); theme: “Jesus – the better way”: (1) “He shall be to me a Son (Hebrews 1)”; (2) “Made a little lower than the angels (Hebrews 2)”.

  • Napton-on-the-Hill Study Evening | Venue: Village Hall, Napton


  • Lye Youth Weekend | Venue: ecclesial hall | Ages: 12+ | Cost: £15

    Bro. Tim Morgan (Ashton-under-Lyne).

  • Dudley (Queens Cross) Study Evening | 4.30pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Bro. Richard White (Lye); theme: “Lessons from Job”.

  • Heywood Bible Class Gathering | 4pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Brethren Tom Bramhill (Glasgow, Central), Matt Morris (Liverpool, City) and Tom Hallsworth (Preston); theme: “Surprising encounters”.

  • Malvern autumn Fraternal Gathering | 4.30pm | Venue: Hanley Swan Village Hall

    Bro. Stephen Whitehouse (Birmingham, Hall Green); theme: “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature”: (1) “The Father is in me and I in him”; (2) “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father”.

  • Open House Day | 10am | Venue: Garswood
  • Midlands Praise Day | 4.30pm | Venue: Arden Academy

    Brethren Philip Lawrence (Nottingham, South) and Devon Walker (Milnsbridge); theme: “Peace on earth”.

  • Ontario Winter Bible School | Venue: Best Western Highland Inn & Conference Centre, Midland (ON)

    Bro. Brian Luke (Brighton, S. Australia) – “The friends of Jeremiah” (and for young people, “The seven angels and the seven trumpets)”; Bro. John Owen (Mumbles, South Wales, UK) –“Israel, my witnesses; Bro. Bryan Styles (Livonia, MI): “The enigma of Ecclesiastes – who knoweth what is good for man?” Further information on the website.

  • Rathmines Summer Bible School | Venue: Rathmines Bible Camp

    Bro. Jim Cowie – “The transfiguration of Christ”; Bro. Tim Galbraith – “Reflections of Christ in Old Testament faces”; Bro. Ron Houben – “Seven sayings from the cross”. For further information visit the website.

  • Sri Lankan Bible School | Venue: Sarvodaya Training Centre

    Bro. Daniel Jolly; theme: “Life of Mary – Behold the handmaid of the Lord”. Booking required.

  • Eastern Winter Study | Venue: Letton Hall

    Bro. Eric Marshall (King’s Lynn); theme: “Jesus’ teaching about life”.

28-Jan. 3, 2015:
  • New Zealand Bible School

    Bro. Mark Vincent (Stirling, UK): “Exploring the Psalms” and “A tale told twice – the life of Joseph”; Bro. Anthony Oosthuizen (Durban, South Africa): “This is my beloved Son”. Registration required online.

29-Jan. 3, 2015:
  • Esslingen Winter Bible School | Venue: Jugendherberge Breisach

    Speakers and subjects: Bro. Philip Lawrence – “Would you get out of the boat? – A look at how Jesus interacted with Peter” and Bro. Philip Mallinder – “Fearfully and wonderfully made – exhortations from Psalm 139”. For further information and booking forms visit the website.

January 2015


February 2015


March 2015

  • Hoddesdon Weekend

April 2015


May 2015

  • Coffs Harbour (NSW, Australia) Bible School | Venue: Opel Coast Resort

    Bro. Dafydd Jenkins (Cardiff, Museum Place, UK) – “Abraham, I will shew you a land”; and Bro. Paul Cresswell (Aberfoyle Park, SA) – “Jesus, I will give you rest”.

  • Swanwick Family Bible School | Venue: The Hayes Conference Centre

    Bro. Mark Johnson (Lye) – “The deliverer Judges”; Bro. Michael Edgecombe (Mount Barker, S. Australia) – “Who then is a faithful and wise servant? (Matthew 24,25)”; and Bro. Andrew Bramhill (Shirley) – “In the days of Jeremiah”. For booking forms and further information, visit the website.

June 2015

  • Birmingham Family Study Day | Venue: Moseley School

    Brethren Andrew Walker (Doncaster) and James Walker (Milnsbridge).


August 2015

  • Harper Adams Bible School | Venue: Harper Adams University

    theme: “The road to salvation”. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Andrew Johnson (Birmingham, Kings Norton) – “The feasts of the Lord – a parable of our salvation”; Bro. David Smith (Wardley) – “John’s letters of love”; Bro. James Walker (Milnsbridge) – “A week in the way with the Lord – studies in Mark’s Gospel”. Further details and booking forms will be available from Sun. Oct. 19 from the website.

  • Brecon Bible School | Venue: Christ College, Brecon

    Theme: “Teach me thy way, O LORD”. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Andrew Bramhill (Shirley) – “Isaac, the overlooked patriarch”; Bro. Dafydd Jenkins (Cardiff, Museum Place) – “The Lord’s Supper”; and Bro. Arne Roberts (Dunstable) – “The Word of God”. Full details and booking forms online.

  • Christadelphian Conference | Venue: Lane End Conference Centre

    Bro. Martyn Lawrence (Doncaster) – “Isaiah, the servant and the songs”; Bro. Nigel Patterson (Newquay) – “Jesus as John saw him”; Bro. Mark Whittaker (Crewe) – “The Psalms of Asaph”.

September 2015

26-Oct. 4:

October 2015


November 2015

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