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What's happening at ecclesias around the world?

The Fraternal Gatherings section from The Christadelphian magazine has, for many years, been a comprehensive list of the events happening at ecclesias throughout the world. For convenience, this will also appear here on our website, and be updated on a monthly basis. This will make it easier to access the information, and help you plan future weekends!

Events highlighted are new since last month. Events shown in italics may be of particular interest for young people.


  • Barrow-in-Furness Study Afternoon | 3pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Simeon Guntrip (Manchester, Sale); theme: “Hezekiah”: (1) “Sanctifying God”; (2) “Trusting God”.

  • Birmingham (West) Fraternal Gathering | 3pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Jim Bilton (Guildford); theme: “The signs of John: what they tell us about Jesus”.

  • Blackburn Meal-a-Day event | 10am | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Car washing, cakes and sales of bric-a-brac.

  • Burton-on-Trent Youth Day | Venue: ecclesial hall | Activity: sports afternoon

    Speaker: Bro. Kitson Reid (Birmingham, Acocks Green).

  • Derby (Mill Hill) Service of Thanksgiving | 4pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    We invite brothers and sisters with connections to this ecclesia to join us for that day and to give God the glory.

  • Halifax (Balmoral Place) Bible Class Study Fraternal | 4pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Bob Baynham (Sheffield); theme: “Philippians”.

  • Napton-on-the-Hill Study Evening | 5pm | Venue: Village Hall, Napton

    Speaker: Bro. John Parry (Kinver); theme: “Josiah and his sons”.

  • Rockingham Forest Study Afternoon | 3pm | Venue: Pytchley Village Hall

    Speaker: Bro. Mark Goodwin (Nottingham, South); theme “David, giants and friends”.


  • Lye Youth Weekend | Venue: ecclesial hall | Ages 12+ | Cost: £15

    Speaker: Bro. Mike Movassaghi (Mumbles).

Christadelphian Office Book Sale and Open Day

  • Christadelphian Office Book Sale and Open Day | 9am-4pm | Venue: The Christadelphian Office

    As usual a wide range of discounts will be available on all our stock, and online for those who cannot visit. Refreshments will be served throughout. Please join us to see the showrooms, memorabilia display and libraries, and to enjoy fellowship with others. There will be Bible Story Times at 10.30am and 2.30pm for children aged between 3 and 7 (though younger and older children are welcome to join in!).

  • Coventry (East) Study Evening | 4pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Mike Jenner (Rugby); theme: “The Epistle of James”: (1) “The perfect law of liberty”; (2) “Be patient therefore, brethren, until the coming of the Lord”.

  • Daventry Youth Study Day | Venue: Watford Village Hall | Ages: 12+

    Speaker: Bro. John Owen (Mumbles); theme: “Hezekiah – relying on God”.

  • Heywood Bible Class Gathering | 4pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speakers: Brethren Adam Aitkenhead (Ashton-under-Lyne), Danny Barrett (Heywood) and Andrew Ottewell (Blackpool); theme: “Travelling by faith”.

  • Malvern Winter Study Fraternal | 4.30pm | Venue: Hanley Swan Village Hall

    Speaker: Bro. David Edwards (Birmingham, Hall Green); theme: “Worship – principles and practice”: (1) “Principles – in spirit and in truth”; (2) “Practice – our reasonable service”.

  • Solihull Family Fun Day | 2-5pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    We welcome brethren and sisters with their children or grandchildren (ages up to 12), and any friends you want to bring along.

  • Garswood “Open House” | 1.30-4.30pm | Venue: Garswood
  • Midlands Praise Day | 2-6.30pm | Venue: Walsall College

    Speakers: Brethren Darren Guy (Halifax, Balmoral Place) and Joe Miles (Maidenhead); theme: “Unity”.

18 (Friday):
  • Wolverhampton “Preaching and Praise” Evening | 7.30pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Andrew Johnson (Birmingham, Kings Norton).

  • Solihull Christmas seasonal Preaching Service | 4pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Andrew Briley. All welcome; please bring a friend.

  • Eastern Winter Study | Venue: Letton Hall

    Speaker: Bro. Peter Forbes (Glenfield); theme: “Lessons for life from the time of the Judges”. Booking forms from your ecclesial notice board or on the website.

25-Jan. 2, 2016:
  • New Zealand Family Bible School | Venue: Blue Skies Centre

    Speakers and subjects: Bro. Roger Long (Coventry, Grosvenor Road, UK) – “From upper room to resurrection”; Bro. Nathan Lewis (Christchurch North, NZ) – “Esther: queen of destiny”. For more details or to register see the website.

26-Jan. 1, 2016:
  • Winter Bible School, Midland (ON, Canada) | Venue: Best Western Highland Inn & Conference Centre

    Speakers: Bro. Mark O’Grady (Tawa, New Zealand); Bro. Everett Muniz (Paris Avenue, OH, USA); Bro. Paul Billington (Brantford, ON) – adults; Bro. Jesse Adair (Hamilton, Book Road, ON) – young people. Registration information and other details are available from the website.

26-Jan. 3, 2016:
  • Rathmines Bible School | Venue: Rathmines Centre

    Speakers and subjects: Bro. John Owen (Mumbles, UK) – “Lessons from Moses’ life”; Bro. Rod Dawson (Wilston, Qld.) – “Redemption in the book of Ruth”; Bro. Jim Cowie (Moreton Bay, Qld.) – “Elijah and the second exodus”. Teenagers: Revelation 5; Bro. John Owen – “James’ letter”. 5-12 years: “Parables of Jesus”. Evening series – “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much”. For bookings and information, see the website.

28-Jan. 2, 2016:
  • Esslingen Winter Bible School

    Speakers: Bro. Daffyd Jenkins (Cardiff, Museum Place, UK) and Bro. Chris Sales (Shelburne, ON, Canada). More information on the website.

January 2016

1 (Friday):
  • Coventry (West) Family Study Day | 12.15pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Arne Roberts (Dunstable); theme: “New beginnings”: (1) “In the beginning”; (2) “The divine pattern”; (3) “The human practice”. There will be classes for children up to 12; all meals are provided. Booking required.

  • Birmingham (Bournville) Fraternal Study | 5pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Roy Highfield (West Bromwich); theme: “Words of wisdom”: (1) “The words of Agur”; (2) “The words of Lemuel”.

  • Australian Christadelphian Conference | Venue: St. Ignatius College

    Speakers: Brethren Matthew Blewett (Westville, South Africa), Mark Vincent (Stirling, UK) and Joe Miles (Maidenhead, UK); theme: “While it is still today” (Hebrews 3:13). Please register at the website.

  • Halifax (Balmoral Place) Youth Weekend | Venue: ecclesial hall | Cost: £15

    Speaker: Bro. Andy Oram (Birmingham, Hall Green); theme: “The body beautiful”.

  • Birmingham (Hall Green) Fraternal Gathering | 5pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. John Roberts (Scarborough); theme: “The times of visitation”.

  • Malvern Study Fraternal | 4.30pm | Venue: Hanley Swan Village Hall

    Speaker: Bro. Simon Griffiths (Coventry, West); theme: “Kingdom visions in Revelation”: (1) “Worthy to receive glory and honour and power”; (2) “His Father’s name written in their foreheads”.

  • Petersfield Fraternal Gathering | 4pm | Venue: The Pavillion

    Speaker: Bro. Darren Guy (Halifax, Balmoral Place); theme: “A light to lighten the Gentiles!”: (1) “He answered her not a word”; (2) “He must go through Samaria”.

  • Knowle and Dorridge Fraternal Gathering | 3pm | Venue: Fentham Hall

    Speaker: Bro. John Owen (Mumbles); theme: “Exciting times”: (1) “The King of the North”; (2) “The King of the Earth”. At the evening session, Bro. Martin Evans (Manchester, Sale) will introduce a new video on the 2015 East European Bible School. A staffed children’s crèche is provided. Full details on the website.

  • London (Thornton Heath) Fraternal Gathering | 6pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Nathaniel Ritmeyer (Watford); theme: “Joshua”: (1) “Reading Joshua with the Israelites”; (2) “Evidence for the conquest”.

  • Walsall Fellowship Day | 10am | Venue: Aldridge Community Centre | Ages: 25+

    Activities will include Bible study and discussion, praise, games, variety activities, and time to relax. Lunch will be provided but please advise of any dietary requirements; a collection will be taken to help cover any costs for the day. Sorry, but we cannot accommodate children. Booking required.

  • CSN Fellowship and Praise Afternoon | 2-6pm | Venue: Leicester (Westleigh) ecclesial hall
  • Kettering Study Afternoon | 3pm | Venue: Isebrook School

    Speaker: Bro. Martyn Lawrence (Doncaster); theme: “The triumphal procession of Christ”: (1) “The Song of Moses”; (2) “Leading captivity captive”. Crèche facilities will be available for young children.

February 2016

  • Campaigners’ Fraternal | Venue: Moseley School

    Theme: “Preachers of righteousness”; Speakers: Brethren Thomas Kitchen (Cardiff, Museum Place), Tecwyn Morgan (Birmingham, Castle Bromwich) and Martyn Lawrence (Doncaster).

  • Sedgley / Wombourne joint Youth Day | Venue: Wombourne ecclesial hall | Ages: 13+

    Speakers: Brethren Luke Foley and John Beall; theme: “In the kingdom …” For booking or more information please see the website.

March 2016

  • Family Bible Study Weekend | Venue: Coalbrookdale YHA | Cost: £65

    Speaker: Bro. Joni Mannell (Walsall); theme: “Teach us to number our days”.

  • The Kettering Weekend | Venue: Isebrook School

    Speakers: Brethren Andrew Walker and Jon Davies (Watford).

  • Hoddesdon Weekend

    This is a weekend focused on praise, worship, Bible teaching and practical living; further details on the website.

  • Jamaica Easter Youth Camp

April 2016

  • Chelmsford, East Ham, Rayleigh and Southend Joint Fraternal Gathering | 3pm | Venue: Margaretting Village Hall

    Speaker: Bro Andrew Bramhill (Redditch); theme: “The prayers of the Lord Jesus”. A crèche will be available.


May 2016

29-Jun. 3, 2016:
  • Family Bible School | Venue: Hayes Conference Centre

    Speakers and subjects: Bro. Stephen Palmer (Mumbles) – “If ye then be risen with Christ – a study of Colossians”; Bro. Kevin Hole (Lye) – “Joshua – conquering the promised land”; and Bro. Jonathan Bowen (Brantford, ON, Canada) – “The dawn of the sun of righteousness”. Further information can also be obtained, and bookings made, via the website.

June 2016


July 2016

  • Gold Coast Bible School | Venue: Quality Hotel

    Speakers and subjects: Bro. Anthony Oosthuizen (Durban, South Africa) – “This is my beloved Son”; Bro. Max Bourne (Hurstville, NSW) – “From faith to faith: the story of Acts”.

August 2016

  • Harper Adams Bible School | Venue: Harper Adams University

    Theme: “Of one mind”. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Stephen Palmer (Mumbles) – “One new man (Ephesians)”; Bro. Mark Vincent (Stirling) – “For better, for worse (marriage)”; Bro. Christian Russell (Verdugo Hills, CA, USA) – “The journey of the man of God”. Further details and booking forms will be available from Sunday Oct. 18 from the website.

  • Brecon Bible School | Venue: Christ College, Brecon

    Theme: “Teach me Thy way, O Lord”. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Mark Whittaker (Crewe) – “The faithful remnant”; Bro. Nigel Patterson (Newquay) – “Peter: servant and apostle of Jesus Christ”; and Bro. Tim Bateman (Newport) – “Five women”. There will also be a full programme of optional studies and recreational activities, together with young people’s and children’s studies and activities. There is fully-inclusive accommodation at Christ College; also limited camping / caravanning is available for families at nearby recommended sites. Further details and booking forms will be available from Nov. 2 from the website.

  • Christadelphian Conference | Venue: Lane End Conference Centre

    Speakers and subjects: Bro. Andrew Bramhill (Redditch) – “To the cross, and beyond”; Bro. Joni Mannell (Walsall) – “The LORD whose name is jealous”; Bro. Tecwyn Morgan (Birmingham, Castle Bromwich) – “Peter and Jude speak out”.

September 2016


October 2016


November 2016

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