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What's happening at ecclesias around the world?

The Fraternal Gatherings section from The Christadelphian magazine has, for many years, been a comprehensive list of the events happening at ecclesias throughout the world. For convenience, this will also appear here on our website, and be updated on a monthly basis. This will make it easier to access the information, and help you plan future weekends!

Events highlighted are new since last month. Events shown in italics may be of particular interest for young people. Some selected events can be booked online via This is an online booking service, which offers one-click booking for young people, and centralised administration for event organisers. Click here for more information (opens in a new window).


30-Feb. 1:
  • CSN Fellowship & Praise Afternoon | 2pm | Venue: Leicester (Westleigh) ecclesial hall

    Further information is available on the website.

  • Earlswood Fraternal Gathering | 3pm | Venue: Earlswood Village Hall

    Speaker: Bro. Clive Walton (Kinver); theme: “Life in the Millennium”: (1) “Divine worship in the age to come”; (2) “Yahweh Shammah – its place and purpose”.

  • London (Thornton Heath) Fraternal Gathering | 6pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Andrew Walker (Doncaster); theme: “Why God chose Jerusalem”: (1) “Abraham called the place Jehovah-Jireh”; (2) “The Ark came to the city of David”.


  • Campaigners’ Fraternal | Venue: Moseley School
  • Preston Study Afternoon | 3pm | Venue: Samlesbury Memorial Hall

    Speaker: Bro. Mark Guntrip (Barrow-in-Furness); theme: “Walking in truth”: (1) “Look to yourselves (2 John)”; (2) “If thou bring forward on their journey (3 John)”.

  • Caerphilly Study Evening | 5pm | Venue: Caerphilly Guide Hall

    Speaker: Bro. Mark Evans (Napton-on-the-Hill); theme: “Lessons for the ecclesia”: (1) “The butler, the baker, and Joseph”; (2) “The two thieves and Christ”.

  • Heckmondwike Fraternal Gathering | 6pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. David Griffin (Birmingham, Kings Norton); theme: “Strength made perfect in weakness”: (1) “My sins are ever before me”; (2) “My grace is sufficient for thee”.

  • Weston-super-Mare Study Afternoon | 4pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Mike Riley (Bournemouth, Winton); theme: “Moses’ mission”: (1) “The deliverer”; (2) “The glory of God”.

27-Mar. 1:
  • Cheshire Choral Society presentation | 6.30pm | Venue: Manchester (Sale) ecclesial hall
  • Rugby Prophecy Day | 10am | Venue: Benn Hall

    Theme: “I say unto all – Watch!”: (1) “O ye dry bones, hear the word of Yahweh” – Bro. David Billington (Brantford, Canada); (2) “The Beast that makes war with the Lamb” – Bro. Mike Jenner (Rugby); (3) “Milestones update” – Bro. Don Pearce (Rugby).


  • Ardingly Fraternal Gathering | 4pm | Venue: Village Hall

    Speaker: Bro. Stephen Whitehouse (Birmingham, Hall Green); theme: “Waiting for His Son from heaven – exhortations from 1 Thessalonians”.

  • Birmingham (Woodgate) Study Evening | 5pm | Venue: The Scout Centre

    Speaker: Bro. Peter Anderton (Burton-on-Trent); theme: “Judgement, mercy and faith”: (1) “All the paths of the LORD are mercy and truth”; (2) “The just shall live by his faith”.

  • Joint Bristol Ecclesias Fraternal Gathering | 4pm | Venue: Downend ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Paul Aston (Llanelli); theme: “With Jesus on the Mount”: (1) “Seeing the multitudes”; (2) “Hearing and doing”.

  • Cambridge Family Study & Serve Day | 10am | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Jon. Hale (Crewe); theme: “Solomon – ruling in the kingdom of God”. Afternoon billing at nearby Fulbourn.

  • CSN Awareness Day | 10.30am | Venue: Newbury ecclesial hall

    For further information, visit our website.

  • Glasgow (Kelvin) Fraternal Gathering | 3pm | Venue: Chryston Cultural Centre

    Speaker: Bro. Sam Tomkins (Coventry, Grosvenor Road); theme: “The Levites and the saints”.

  • Milnsbridge Fraternal Gathering | 3.30pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. John Roberts (Scarborough); theme: “Psalms for today”: (1) “Our God is in the heavens”; (2) “I will pay my vows”.

  • Morecambe Study Afternoon | 3pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Stephen Hale (Birmingham, Bournville); theme: “Mine own familiar friend in whom I trusted”.

  • Nottingham (Forest Road) Youth Day | Venue: ecclesial hall | Ages: 14+ | Cost: £10

    Speaker: Bro. Darren Guy (Halifax, Balmoral Place); theme: “Gideon”.

  • Solihull Fraternal Gathering | 5pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Andrew Bramhill (Shirley); theme: “Proclaiming salvation”: (1) “In Jerusalem”; (2) “Throughout the world”.

  • Birmingham (Bournville) Fraternal Study | 5pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Neil Jakeways (Sedgley); theme: “Saviours shall come upon Mount Zion”: (1) “To judge the Mount of Esau”; (2) “The kingdom shall be Yahweh’s”.

  • Birmingham (South) Study Day | 9.30am | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Jeremy Thomas (Birmingham, Hall Green); theme: “Exhortations from Revelation”.

  • Cardiff (Museum Place) Fraternal Gathering | 5.30pm | Venue: Lisvane Memorial Hall

    Speaker: Bro. Andrew Walker (Doncaster); theme: “The God of glory”: (1) “The God of glory appeared unto Abraham”; (2) “The glory of the only begotten Son”.

  • CIL Annual Meeting (from 2.15pm) and Fraternal Gathering | 6pm | Venue: Coventry (Grosvenor Road) ecclesial hall

    Speakers (AGM): Brethren Les Shears (Wythall), Trevor Hughes (Amersham) and Matt Barton (Pershore). Speakers (Fraternal): Brethren Nigel Patterson (Newquay) & Stephen Whitehouse (Birmingham, Hall Green); theme: “Challenges from Luke”.

  • Crewe Study & Serve Day | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. David Nicholls (Gorseinon)

  • Dudley (Queens Cross) Study Evening | 4.30pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Steve James (Evesham): (1) “Millennium men”; (2) “Orange Noah”.

  • Napton-on-the-Hill Study Evening | Venue: Village Hall, Napton
  • Oldbury Fraternal Gathering | 6pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Jonathan Cope (Coventry, West).

  • Victoria (BC) Spring Study Weekend | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Jim Harper (Meriden, CT); theme: “Things eternal: a look at some wonderful New Testament words and phrases”.

  • Birmingham Day of Study | 10.25am | Venue: Hatton Village Hall

    Speakers: Brethren Simon Griffiths (Coventry, West), Geoff Jacks (West Bromwich), Dennis Redshaw (West Bromwich), Mark Evans (Napton-on-the-Hill), and Roy Highfield (West Bromwich); theme: “The Apocalypse in the Psalms” (five addresses).

  • Dunstable Youth Day | Venue: ecclesial hall | Ages: 13+ | Cost: £10

    Speaker: Bro. Kitson Reid (Birmingham, Acocks Green); theme: “The kingdom of God in Acts”.

  • Ellwood Fraternal Gathering | 4pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Mark Buckler (Ashby-de-la-Zouch); theme: “Dead or alive”: (1) “Dead to the world”; (2) “Alive in Christ”.

  • Kent Prophecy Day | 3.30pm | Venue: East Malling Village Hall

    Theme: “Israel & the nations in the purpose of God”: (1) “Israel in the land today: gathering the nations for judgement” – Bro. Paul Billington (Brantford, Canada); (2) “Israel and the nations afar off” – Bro. Peter Moore (Erith); (3) “Milestones to the kingdom” – Bro. Don Pearce (Rugby).

  • Meal-a-Day Publicity Meeting | Venue: Llanelli ecclesial hall
  • Taunton | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Leen Ritmeyer (Cardiff, Museum Place).

  • Rugby Youth Weekend | Venue: ecclesial hall | Ages: 11+ | Cost: £12

    Speaker: Bro. Sam Tomkins (Coventry, Grosvenor Road); theme: “Preparing for the kingdom with David”.



  • Pacific Northwest Annual CYC Conference (Victoria, BC, Canada) | Venue: Camp Pringle

    Speaker: Bro. Ryan Mutter (Baltimore, MD); theme: “As it was in the days of Noah”.

  • Paris (France) Easter Weekend
  • New Westminster (BC, Canada) Fraternal Gathering | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Roger Long (Coventry, Grosvenor Road, UK); theme: “Jesus – teacher and healer”.

6 (Easter Monday):
  • Coventry (Grosvenor Road) Fraternal Gathering | 6pm | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Theme: “Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness”: (1) “The God whom we worship” – Bro. Nigel Patterson (Newquay); (2) “Be ye holy for I am holy” – Bro. Tecwyn Morgan (Birmingham, Castle Bromwich).

  • South Wales CALS Fraternal Gathering | 5.30pm | Venue: Taliesin Arts Annex

    Speakers: Brethren Richard Palmer (Birmingham, Kings Norton) & Jeff Sewell (Coventry, East); theme: “Learning Christ (Ephesians 4:20)”.

  • LASER Easter Weekend | Activity: music / creativity / indoor and outdoor antics

    Speaker: Bro. Aaron Janes; theme: “Spirit gym”.

  • Burton-on-Trent Study Day | 10am | Venue: Hanbury Memorial Hall

    Speaker: Bro. Jonathan Cope (Coventry, West); theme: “My servant Moses – the first eighty years”.

  • Northampton Study Day | Venue: ecclesial hall | Ages: 18+ | Activity: Israeli dancing, a walk, sports and time to chat

    Speaker: Bro. Mike Jenner (Rugby); theme: “Built up in Christ & established in the faith”.

  • Birmingham Choral Society presentation | 5pm | Venue: North Leamington School

    A programme of choruses, anthems and hymns entitled, “The Lord is my strength and my song”.

  • London Praise & Fellowship Day | 2-6pm | Venue: Vyners School

    Theme: “With every breath”.



  • Ammanford Family Weekend | Venue: ecclesial hall / Pensioner’s Hall

    The main studies will be led by Bro. Nicholas White (Pershore) on “Joseph the saviour”, and Bro. John Hellawell (Peterborough) on “Lessons from the first ecclesia”. The teenage studies will be led by Bro. Jeremy Brown (Mumbles) and the youngster sessions will be led by Sis. Hannah Jenkins, looking at the “Story Keeper” series. Booking to Bro. Chris Palmer required by April 20.

  • Manchester (Old Trafford) Fellowship Weekend | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Andrew Leng (Macclesfield); theme: “Introducing Christ; Christ in us; Christ in our churches; Christ in the world”.

4 (Bank Holiday Monday):
  • Northern Gathering Family Day
  • Coffs Harbour (NSW, Australia) Bible School | Venue: Opel Coast Resort

    Speakers: Bro. Dafydd Jenkins (Cardiff, Museum Place, UK) – “Abraham, I will shew you a land”; and Bro. Paul Cresswell (Aberfoyle Park, SA) – “Jesus, I will give you rest”.

  • Swanwick Family Bible School | Venue: The Hayes Conference Centre

    Speakers: Bro. Mark Johnson (Lye) – “The deliverer Judges”; Bro. Michael Edgecombe (Mount Barker, S. Australia) – “Who then is a faithful and wise servant? (Matthew 24,25)”; and Bro. Andrew Bramhill (Shirley) – “In the days of Jeremiah”. For booking forms and further information, visit the website.


27-Jul. 5:
  • Mid-Atlantic Bible School | Venue: Shippensburg University (PA, USA)

    Theme: “The LORD is my light and my salvation” (Psalm 27). The Youth Programme theme will be “God’s 7,000-year plan”. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Jason Hensley (Simi Hills, CA) – “Hezekiah: faith in desperate times” (adults) and “Seeking the lost” (teens); Bro. Steve Hornhardt (Salisbury, S. Australia) – “Come and see: witnessing for Christ” (adults) and “Unlocking Revelation” (teens); Bro. Garth Maier (East Texas, TX) – subjects to be announced. For booking forms and further information, visit the website.


  • South-West Bible School | Venue: Schreiner University (TX, USA)

    Speakers: Bro. Stephen Hornhardt: Adults – “Come and see – witnessing for Christ” and Teens – “Unlocking Revelation”; Bro. Philip Lawrence: Adults – “Have you been converted?” and Teens – “The Lord is my shepherd”; Bro. Dev Ramcharan: Adults – “The law of kindness is on her tongue – women in the faith” and Teens – “Life skills for young people”. For booking forms and further information, visit the website.

  • Midwest Bible School | Venue: Trine University (IN, USA)

    Speakers and subjects: Bro. Roger Lewis (Christchurch North, NZ) – “The four faces of Christ in the Gospels”; Bro. Mark Vincent (Stirling, UK) – “The problem of suffering”; Bro. Andrew Bramhill (Shirley, UK) – “Isaac, the overlooked patriarch”. For booking forms and further information, visit the website.

25-Aug. 1:
  • UKYC | Venue: Pioneer Centre

    Theme: “In defence of faith”. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Stephen Whitehouse (Birmingham, Hall Green) – “Daniel – faith under fire”; Bro. Peter Owen (Mumbles) – “Defending the faith in the first century”. Evenings to include presentations on “Bible prophecy in the defence of faith”; to include classes on prophecies concerning Israel led by Bro. Paul Billington (Brantford, ON) and classes on Revelation led by Bro. Mike Jenner (Rugby). For booking forms and further information, visit the website.


  • Harper Adams Bible School | Venue: Harper Adams University

    Theme: “The road to salvation”. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Andrew Johnson (Birmingham, Kings Norton) – “The feasts of the Lord – a parable of our salvation”; Bro. David Smith (Wardley) – “John’s letters of love”; Bro. James Walker (Milnsbridge) – “A week in the way with the Lord – studies in Mark’s Gospel”. Further details and booking forms will be available from Sun. Oct. 19 from the website.

  • Winfield Bible School (BC, Canada)

    Theme: “Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost …” (Hebrews 7:25). Speakers and subjects: Bro. Joni Mannell (UK), “At the breaking of bread”; Bro. Dev Ramcharan (Canada), “The God of the fallen”; Bro. Jim Cowie (Australia), “Melchizedek – priest of the Most High God”.

  • Brecon Bible School | Venue: Christ College, Brecon

    Theme: “Teach me thy way, O LORD”. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Andrew Bramhill (Shirley) – “Isaac, the overlooked patriarch”; Bro. Dafydd Jenkins (Cardiff, Museum Place) – “The Lord’s Supper”; and Bro. Arne Roberts (Dunstable) – “The Word of God”. Full details and booking forms online.

  • Christadelphian Conference | Venue: Lane End Conference Centre

    Speakers: Bro. Martyn Lawrence (Doncaster) – “Isaiah, the servant and the songs”; Bro. Nigel Patterson (Newquay) – “Jesus as John saw him”; Bro. Mark Whittaker (Crewe) – “The Psalms of Asaph”.


  • Shrewsbury Study and Serve Day | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Jeff Sewell (Coventry, East).

  • South-West Wales Prophecy Day
26-Oct. 4:


  • Sussex (NB, Canada) Thanksgiving Gathering | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Bruce Waite (Meriden, CT).

  • Scarborough Study Weekend

    Bro. Darren Guy (Halifax, Balmoral Place); theme: “2 Peter – Peter’s guidance for the ‘last days’”.



  • Sarasota (FL, USA) Fall Study Weekend | Venue: ecclesial hall

    Speaker: Bro. Richard Morgan (Hamilton, Book Road, ON, Canada); theme: “Prophecy, predestination and the purpose of God”.


January 2016

  • Australian Christadelphian Conference | Venue: St. Ignatius College

    Speakers: Brethren Matthew Blewett (Westville, South Africa), Mark Vincent (Stirling, UK) and Joe Miles (Maidenhead, UK); theme: “While it is still today” (Hebrews 3:13). Please register at the website.

April 2016

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