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What's happening at ecclesias around the world?

The Fraternal Gatherings section from The Christadelphian magazine has, for many years, been a comprehensive list of the events happening at ecclesias throughout the world. For convenience, this will also appear here on our website, and be updated on a monthly basis. This will make it easier to access the information, and help you plan future weekends!

Items shown in colour are new or updated entries since last month. Entries shown in italics may be of particular interest for young people. Any events in the list below that are shown bold, italic, underlined and in colour can be booked online via This is an online booking service, which offers one-click booking for young people, and centralised administration for event organisers. Click here for more information (opens in a new window).


  • Toronto (ON) Joint Bible Class at Toronto (West): Bro. Stephen Palmer (Mumbles, UK); theme: “The ministry of reconciliation (the Apostle Paul’s role in the divine plan)”.
18 (Good Friday):
  • Bournemouth (Winton).
  • Peterborough.
  • Swansea.
  • Victoria (BC) annual Pacific Northwest CYC Conference: Bro. Jay Mayock (Hamilton, Book Road, ON).
  • CSN South-West Gathering, Pershore.
  • Toronto (ON) Easter Gathering: Bro. Stephen Palmer (Mumbles, UK); theme: “Studies in John – how to become sons of God”.
  • Paris (France) Easter Weekend.
  • Blackpool.
  • Glasgow (South) Study Day.
  • New Westminster (BC) Easter Fraternal Gathering: Bro. Ron Hicks (Washington DC); theme: “Holy night – Messiah is born” (talks based on Matthew 1 & 2 and Luke 1 & 2).
21 (Easter Monday):
  • Coventry (Grosvenor Road).
  • Dudley (Queens Cross) at Wombourne.
  • Manchester (Sale) Study Afternoon.
  • South Lakes Family Day.
  • South Wales CALS Fraternal at Newport.
  • York.
  • Bridgend.
  • Earlswood Study Evening.
  • Halesowen.
  • Norwich Study Day.
  • Seaton.
  • Sedgley.
  • Stockport.
  • Baltimore / Washington Gathering: Bro. Ron Kidd (London, ON); theme: “God’s timetable for redemption”.
  • Sussex (NB) Study Weekend: Bro. Martin Webster (Kitchener / Waterloo, ON); theme: “1 John – epistle of sublime truth & love”.


  • Swanwick Bible Weekend.
  • Ammanford Family Weekend.
  • Northern Gathering Family Day.
  • Vale of Evesham Fraternal.
  • Vancouver Island (BC) Sisters’ Retreat. Theme: “The whole armour of God”.
  • Sussex (NB) Spring Youth Camp: Bro. John Mannell (Toronto, West, ON).
  • Mumbles.
  • 37th Family Bible School, Swanwick. Speakers and subjects: Bro. David Bailey (Christchurch, New Zealand) – “The story of Ruth”; Bro. John Owen (Mumbles) – “Romans: the righteousness of God”; Bro. Andrew Jenner (Cardiff, Museum Place) – “Building a house for God’s name” and Bro. Mike Jenner (Rugby) – “1 Peter – feed the flock of God”. Further information can also be obtained, and bookings made, via our website.


  • SE CALS Family Gathering, British Museum Visit and London Bible Trail.
  • Cambridge Summer Family Day.
  • Dronfield.
  • Ormskirk.
  • Houston (TX) Bible Day Camp; theme: “Minor Prophet links to the kingdom”. Four wonderful days for 3-12 yr. olds centred around God’s word. Please register on our website.
  • Mountsorrel.
  • Napton-on-the-Hill Study.
  • Solihull Youth Weekend (11-16+).
  • Southport 18+ Fellowship & Fun Weekend.
28-Jul. 6:
  • Mid-Atlantic Bible School, Shippensburg University, Shippensburg (PA). Theme: “O LORD God of Israel, there is no God like thee” (2 Chronicles 6:14). The youth programme theme will be “The life & works of Solomon”. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Jim Cowie (Moreton Bay, Qld., Australia) – “Contending earnestly for the faith” (adults) and “Cameos of the kingdom” (teens); Bro. Jay Mayock, Jr. (Hamilton, Book Road, ON, Canada) – “All in all (a study of Psalm 8)” (adults and teens); Bro. Stephen Palmer (Mumbles, UK) – “Simon Peter: learning lessons in discipleship” (adults) and “Digging for treasure in the epistle of Peter” (teens). For registration information, check our website.


  • Bethany Open Day, Leamington Spa.
  • Southwest Bible School, at Schreiner University, Kerrville (TX): Bro. Jim Cowie (Moreton Bay, Qld., Australia): adults, “The life and times of Jehoiada the Priest” and teens, “Events subsequent to the return of Christ”; Bro. Stephen Palmer (Mumbles, UK): adults, “The Gospel of John” and teens, “Josiah”; Bro. Leen Ritmeyer (Cardiff, Museum Place, UK): adults, “The power of Bible places in the life of Christ” and teens, “Tasting Biblical Hebrew”. Register on the website.
  • London (Thornton Heath) One day Bible School at Crockham Hill.
  • British Columbia Youth Conference (ages 17+ or baptized), Camp Dunlop, BC, Canada. Speaker: Bro. Jim Styles (Simi Hills, CA); theme: “The last day of Christ’s life”. Workbook completion required. For further information and registration, go to the website.
  • Midwest Bible School, Hanover College, Hanover (IN): Bro. Jim Cowie, (Moreton Bay, Qld., Australia) – “Nazarites unto God”; Bro. Matt Norton (Lismore, NSW, Australia) – “Impressions of Christ”; Bro. Stan Isbell (North Houston, TX) – “Discovering disguises through the Bible”. For further information visit the website.
  • Pacific Coast Bible School, Idyllwild Pines Camp in Idyllwild (CA): Brethren Mark Vincent (UK), Rob Oosthuizen (New Zealand) and Joseph Palmer (USA). To register, visit the website.
26-August 2:
26-August 3:
  • Eastern Bible School, Connecticut College, New London (CT); theme: “That we may know him”. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Ted Sleeper (San Francisco Peninsula, USA) – “That I may know him”; Bro. Andrew Bramhill (Shirley, UK) – “The Lord’s encounters with women”; Bro. Tecwyn Morgan (Birmingham, Castle Bromwich, UK) – “God has spoken”.
27-Aug. 1:
  • Gold Coast Bible School, at Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Phil Perrot (Waitakere, NZ) – “Spiritually agile or spiritually fragile – so run that you may attain”; Bro. Paul Gresham (South Adelaide, South Australia) – “Jesus in John’s Gospel”.


  • Flensunger Hof Bible Study Week: Bro. John Owen (Mumbles, UK) and Bro. Joseph Palmer (San Diego, USA). There will be a special Young People’s Programme led by Bro. Peter Owen (Mumbles, UK). For further information, or to register, visit the website.
  • Harper Adams Bible School, Newport, Shropshire. Theme: “To God be the glory”. Speakers: Bro. Andrew Bramhill (Shirley) – “Judah’s early kings”; Bro. Martyn Lawrence (Doncaster) – “Power and glory (2 Corinthians)”; Bro. Arne Roberts (Dunstable) – “Ecclesial life through the ages”. Further details and booking forms available from Recording Brethren, or on the website.
  • Whatshan Lake Bible School, Whatshan Lake Retreat near Vernon (BC, Canada). Speakers and subjects: Bro. Stephen Palmer (Mumbles, UK) – “Habakkuk”; Bro. Mark O’Grady (Tawa, New Zealand) – “One in Christ Jesus – complimentary roles”; Bro. Stephen Whitehouse (Birmingham, Hall Green, UK) – “Our compassionate high priest”. For further information visit the website.
  • Winfield Bible School; theme: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness”. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Stephen Whitehouse (UK) – “Zechariah: your King cometh”; Bro. David Jennings (USA) – “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the Sons of God (Romans 8:14)”; Bro. Jeff Gelineau (USA) – “Forgiveness: doing the unthinkable”.
  • Manitoulin Youth Conference, at the Manitoulin Bible Camp, Manitoulin Island, ON, Canada. Speaker: Bro. Carl Parry (Salisbury, S. Australia); theme: “Elijah”. Register on the website.
  • Brecon Bible School, Christ College, Brecon. Theme: “Teach me thy way, O Lord”. Speakers and subjects: Bro. Andrew Johnson (Birmingham, Kings Norton) – “Songs of deliverance”; Bro. Alan Sutton (Mumbles) – “Of priests, pride, principles & praise”; Bro. Nicholas White (Pershore) – “Strangers and pilgrims: following the faithful to the kingdom”. Full details and booking forms are available from UK Recording Brethren, or on the website.
  • Christadelphian Conference, Lane End Conference Centre, High Wycombe HP14 3HH. Speakers & subjects: Bro. John Parry (Leamington Spa) – “The Angels of God”; Bro. Adrian Standeven (Nottingham,South) – “The tabernacle”; Bro. James Walker (Milnsbridge) – “The Day that shook the earth”. Full details available from the Booking Secretary, Bro. John Mallinder.


  • Victoria (BC) Fraternal Gathering.
  • Napton-on-the-Hill Study.
  • Brittany Study & Fellowship Week.
  • Shrewsbury Study & Serve Day.
  • Paris Avenue (OH) Fall Study Weekend: Bro. Michael Owen (Seaton, UK); theme: “Joy of living the Truth”.


  • Horley.
  • Sussex (NB) Thanksgiving Gathering: Bro. Jim Sullivan (Boston, MA); theme: “The sons of Zeruiah”.
  • Birmingham (Longbridge) Study Evening.
  • Birmingham (South).
  • Napton-on-the-Hill Study.
  • Southampton.
  • Scarborough Study Weekend.
  • Norwich.
  • Weston-super-Mare Study Afternoon.


  • Weston-super-Mare Study Afternoon.
  • Cambridge Autumn Family Day.
  • Earlswood Study Evening.
  • South West Wales Prophecy Day.
  • Birmingham (Longbridge) Study Evening.
  • Taunton Study and Sale of Work.
  • Daventry Fraternal Study.
  • Napton-on-the-Hill Study.


  • Eastern Winter Study, Norfolk.

February 2015

  • Rugby Prophecy Day.
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