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UKYC 2017

The theme for the studies at UKYC 2017 is A Future and a Hope, taken from Jeremiah 29:11. To accompany these studies, all attendees can download the three free e-books linked below.

Bro. Jonathan Cope will be giving character studies of Abel, Enoch, Lot and Tamar, highlighting how their hopes for the future impacted on the lives they lived then. All four of them are considered in Genesis of Blessings, Andrew Walker’s commentary on Genesis. Being a commentary on all of Genesis, the book will help fit the characters within their historical and Biblical context.

Bro. Mike Jenner will be considering the idea of God manifestation, how God’s character is revealed to us through Jesus, the angels and faithful believers. In mind at all times will be the Kingdom, when God will be all in all. Jason Hensley’s book Unlocking the Mystery provides an easy to read introduction, complete with review questions at the end of each chapter.

Finally, Bro. Josh Smith will be talking about grace - about how God shows his mercy and kindness towards us, and how we should reflect this love one to another. The Grace of God is a compilation of essays on grace by a number of Christadelphian brothers and sisters. The concept of grace should affect us deeply in how we think and act. This wide range of meaning is reflected in the variety of articles in the book. As well as doctrinal issues, there are essays on subjects like praise, the need to express our gratitude for God’s grace practically, grace as a comfort during hard times, grace as an antidote to feelings of unworthiness and more.  

How to download the books:

  1. Simply add the books to your basket, using the links at the bottom of this page.
  2. When you add the first book to the basket, click the ‘Got a Discount Code?’ link, which is under the Items Total line of the basket.
  3. Enter discount code you will have been given (circulated by e-mail to all UKYC attendees) in the field that then appears.
  4. Click the ‘Update Basket’ button next to where you’ve entered the code, which will apply the 100% discount to your basket. Subsequently, any books in the same promotion added to the basket will also have the same discount applied.
  5. When you've added the last item to your basket, click the [Checkout] button to complete the checkout as usual; at the end you will be able to download your ebooks by going to My Account > Downloads.
The Genesis of Blessings - e-book The Genesis of Blessings - e-book
The Grace of God - e-book The Grace of God - e-book
Unlocking the Mystery - e-book Unlocking the Mystery - e-book
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