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Our trustees

This is a list of our Trustees, together with their responsibilities. We are pleased to answer any questions you may have about their role and tasks.

Tecwyn Morgan — Chairman

Tecwyn Morgan

(Birmingham, Castle Bromwich)


Tecwyn has been a trustee since 1983 and was appointed Chairman in 2014, following the retirement of Michael Owen. He is now retired after 38 years working as a Chartered Surveyor for Central Government. In 1985 he became the editor of the Glad Tidings magazine and has an active interest in all aspects of preaching at home and abroad.

Tecwyn and his wife Mary are members of Birmingham (Castle Bromwich) ecclesia. They have two sons (Timothy and James) and five grandchildren.

John Hellawell — Secretary

John Hellawell



John is a retired Chartered Biologist and Chartered Water & Environmental Manager, having worked in education, in research and in management in the water industry, nature conservation and environmental consultancy. He and his wife Angela are members of Peterborough ecclesia, having been previously members of five other ecclesias around the country. They have a daughter (Elizabeth) and a son (Andrew) and two granddaughters. He was Chairman of the Christadelphian (Oxford) Conference and a member the Committees of CBF and CSF for many years. John joined the CMPA Board in 2005 and became Secretary in 2006.

John’s interests include classical music, gardening and also Biblical archaeology in pursuit of which he has travelled extensively in eastern Europe and the Middle East. He has had chronic bibliophilia since boyhood, for which there appears to be no treatment!

Michael Morris — Deputy Chairman / Strategy, Finance & Risk

Michael Morris


Deputy Chairman / Strategy, Finance & Risk

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Paul Davies

(Coventry, West)


Martyn Lawrence — Marketing & Publishing

Martyn Lawrence


Marketing & Publishing

A publisher by profession, Martyn joined the CMPA in 2008. He is passionate about showing the relevance of the Bible to modern living, and in this regard is keen to develop the CMPA's engagement with multimedia and other publishing innovations. Recently, he designed the CMPA survey that investigated reader behaviour and preferences.

Martyn has carried out missionary work on three continents. He and his wife Deb live near Leeds, and have two young sons.

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David Nicholls



David has been a trustee since 2000.

His professional background is in maintenance engineering in the Power Generation and Oil Refining industries, and has extensive experience in missionary work overseas. Currently he is the CBM Linkman for Zambia, Central Africa.

David is married with 4 children and 12 grandchildren.

Andrew Walker — Human Resources

Andrew Walker


Human Resources

Andrew joined the CMPA in 2014.

In his professional life he specialises in finance and human resources. He is a member of Watford ecclesia, and is married with three grown-up children.

Stephen Whitehouse — Chairman, Consultative Group / Strategy, Finance & Risk

Stephen Whitehouse

(Birmingham, Hall Green)

Chairman, Consultative Group / Strategy, Finance & Risk

Stephen joined the CMPA as a trustee in 2007. His professional background is in corporate strategy, business development, marketing, digital, customer insights and finance and he currently works in London. Prior to this, he was in academia and spent his time researching, publishing and teaching mathematics at university.

Stephen and his wife Lindsey moved to Birmingham (Hall Green) ecclesia in 2010. They have three children.

Please see the individual pages for further details about the various sections of our organisation.


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