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The Temptations of Jesus

The Temptations of Jesus

Vic Aucott
The Christadelphian

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“If thou be the Son of God …” The refrain of the tempter was not questioning this declaration, for there had been the voice from heaven, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”. The tempter’s words stirred Jesus’ God-given ability to do what he wanted. He could turn stones into bread, leap off a pinnacle of the temple without injury and take all the kingdoms of the world. The intensity of these three temptations, repeated through the ministry, is explored in this book, as we consider him being tested “in all points … as we are, yet without sin”.

In contemplating the magnitude of the Lord’s achievements, accomplished with matchless compassion and a single-mindedness that leaves us breathless, we are left humbled and truly thankful. May we know ourselves as we are known.

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