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The Forerunner: John the Baptist

The Forerunner: John the Baptist

Mark Allfree
The Christadelphian
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Product Description

John the Baptist’s work was in preparation for Christ. Prior to his showing to Israel Jesus was in the privacy of Nazareth and largely unknown. The situation called for a forerunner. God provided such a forerunner in John the Baptist.

When the ‘Glory of the Lord’ was revealed in Jesus Christ, the work of the forerunner was finished. He was murdered on the whim of a godless woman, and the Saviour whom he had procalimed testified to his greatness. Those who will attain to the kingdom will be given eternal life, having been accounted righteous. John came to instruct the people in this glorious hope and ‘to give knowledge of salvation unto [God’s] people by the remission of their sins’ (Luke 7:77).


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