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Reviews | Peter: Fisher of Men

Peter: Fisher of Men

A. D. Norris

Paperback or e-book (ePub)

193 pages

Peter: Fisher of Men

Online Review

Peter: Fisher of Men

THE book begins by noting that, amongst the disciples of the Lord Jesus, Peter and Paul are the only ones for whom sufficient materials are available to attempt to write a biography. But, as the author states, “biography is the wrong word” for the life of Peter (and also of Paul) is one that has been influenced by association with the Lord Jesus.

The book is divided up into 27 chapters, each dealing with an episode in the life of Peter from his first encounter and call, along with other disciples, to the time of his escape from prison. However, the contents page does not include chapters 28 and 29! These deal with Peter’s letters and his anticipated execution.

Some chapters deal with issues arising from the historical incidents. For example, chapter 6 deals with the declaration “Upon this rock will I build my church” and the following chapter, “Church and Ecclesia” gives a balanced consideration of the use of these and other similar words. The consideration of Peter’s powers to bind and loose does not mention the fact that the Greek text actually indicates that Peter will bind and loose what heaven indicates (by the Holy Spirit), not that heaven will comply with whatever he decides. (See foreword to the Bagster Interlinear Greek New Testament and the ESV margin at Matthew 16:19)

Chapter 19, dealing with the use of Peter’s first key speech at Pentecost, includes a helpful comment on glossolalia (speaking in tongues) on page 128. In chapter 20, the offer of the “gift of the Holy Spirit” is considered in a four-page analysis of what this means.

Throughout the book, statements in the text are helpfully accompanied by the relevant Scriptural references provided in the footnotes. There is no subject index but the chapter titles are such that it should be possible to locate the treatment of particular episodes relatively easily.

John M. Hellawell

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