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Reviews | Moses My Servant

Moses My Servant

Harry Tennant

Paperback or e-book (ePub)

208 pages

Moses My Servant

The Christadelphian review (from November 1966)

Moses My Servant

“The unfolding ages from creation were hour-glasses in the hand of God. Each age from Adam onwards is marked by the development of the purpose of Him who is from everlasting to everlasting, God …

“Each age had its man. He was great in his own right, showing forth the goodness of God and honouring Him by faith: but he was greater as a herald of the One to come …

“When, then, Moses arises in God’s time, like a fair star in the dark heavens, we shall see him in all the richness of a divine mission, bringing the Lord’s firstborn from slavery to the promised land …

“Then we shall lift our eyes repeatedly throughout the lifetime of this meekest man on earth and see Jesus foretold in word and deed. Thus shall we know that the Spirit of Christ was in Moses.”

THUS in his own words from the Prologue, we may summarize the theme of bro. Harry Tennant’s study of “Moses My Servant”, now issued from the office of The Christadelphian in cloth and paperback bindings.

Bro. Tennant reviews the life of the prophet and leader in the setting of his times and of the working of God with Israel. And he draws out the comparison with that greater Prophet of whom Moses was a type. He writes with insight into the inner wrestlings of the man and his spiritual growth in preparation for the task he was to fulfil in God’s purpose, the education he received in his progress from the court of Pharaoh to the wilderness of Sinai and back to Egypt to confront the tyrant and lead out the people. And especially he portrays the self-effacing character of this meekest of men as again and again he saves the erring people by his prayers. It is a spiritual biography even more than a historical study, written with bro. Tennant’s characteristic insights and warmth of style. It forms a companion volume to bro. Harry Whittaker’s Abraham: Father of the Faithful, published earlier this year.


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