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John Thomas: Physician and preacher - e-book

John Thomas: Physician and preacher - e-book

R. J. Wilkinson
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The Christadelphian
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Product Description

This book consists of seven essays covering the background to the medical and scientific environment in which Dr John Thomas first discovered the Truth. They are academic studies providing information that was influencing the thinking of scientists and doctors at the time, some of which had a formative effect on Brother Thomas.

Following an introduction, the seven essays are as follows:

  1. John Thomas, the life sciences and the soul
  2. John Thomas and American medicine: cholera, anatomy and eclecticism
  3. John Thomas, odology, non-normal science and table-rapping
  4. John Thomas and phrenology
  5. John Thomas, palaeontology and the angels
  6. John Thomas and David King: Campbellite confrontations in London and Birmingham (1848 and 1869)
  7. John Thomas and The Coming Struggle: a short bibliographical introduction and a suggestion concerning the origin of Anatolia

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