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I have an Amazon Kindle eReader. Can I use it to read your e-books?

Of course, but there are one or two requirements that you need to be aware of before you buy.

Most of our e-books are saved in ePub format. We use that format as it is the most universal format, i.e., supported by the most devices on the market.

Unfortunately, Amazon Kindle eReaders are the only device(s) on the market that don't support ePub files. Instead, they use their own, proprietary, format. That means our ePub files have to be converted into Amazon's file format before they can be read.

In order to convert them, you will also need (or have access to) a desktop and / or laptop computer – running either Windows, Mac OSX or Linux – and either of the following software on the computer:

  • A copy of Calibre e-reader conversion software; it is open-source, and therefore can be downloaded and used for free. Then you can use this software to convert your e-books. Click here for a good tutorial on how to use the software to convert your e-books.
  • A copy of Kindle Previewer software (Windows or Mac OS X only); you can download and use this for free. Please note, however, that this software is designed for book publishers to check how their e-books look on different devices, and not as a conversion utility – the conversion aspect is a side-effect of its purpose.

Second, please be aware that Kindle e-readers (or other e-readers for that matter) don't work well with PDFs (they are not resizable, and any built-in navigation won't work). This means that the Music and Words edition of the Hymn Book is practically unusable, based on these limitations. In this situation, the Words-only edition of the hymn book is specifically optimised for e-readers, and addresses both these issues.


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