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Reviews | He Healeth all Thy Diseases

He Healeth all Thy Diseases

Dennis Gillett

Paperback or e-book (ePub)

116 pages

He Healeth all Thy Diseases

Online review

“He Healeth all Thy Diseases”

Brother Dennis Gillett is at his punchiest best in this collection of 25 short studies all based around illnesses that we might experience and their spiritual counterpart. Most of the considerations are only 2 or 3 pages long. They start with a brief description of the illness itself, such as paralysis, amnesia, obesity or dehydration. But this is not a medical textbook, it is a study of how the same sort of affliction can affect our spiritual lives and how it can be remedied. With short sentences, which often flout the rules of good grammar, Dennis points the reader in the direction of a cure which will help regain spiritual heath. Here’s an example about a suggested cure for spiritual ulceration:

“Take time—have patience. Rushing multiplies risking. Do not lose heart. You may have to settle for alleviation instead of cure. Soft water alters the shape of hard stones—but not overnight. New born people are still affected by old influences. “Consider one another …”

Ulceration usually has three levels—mild, chronic, acute. It is easily detectable in others—almost imperceptible in one’s self. Anybody who has a suspicion about his soul’s health, might do well to ask his friends.”

Often the writing is both insightful and witty. The items on Aids and Leprosy are 10 pages long and the book ends with a chapter on “How to avoid disease and keep healthy”. If you are feeling a bit off colour and need a pick-me-up, this book will both raise your spirits, make you laugh, and give you good spiritual counsel.


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