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Faith Alive! | Redeeming the time 6

6 – Use your time well

God gives us each 168 hours a week – and the reality is that we rarely get 168 hours of value out of them. There are tried and tested strategies for squeezing more out of the time available to you. Some of these tips and traps are below:

Time management tips:

  1. Plan ahead! Plan your year before it starts. Plan your month the month before, your week the week before, and your day the day before. That way you are ready to start as soon as you open your eyes.
  2. Do it now! Get things done well before the deadline. Reward yourself when you do by doing something worthwhile that you thoroughly enjoy.
  3. See things through to completion. Don’t let your life be littered with half-completed projects and ideas that ran out of steam.
  4. Do things as well as you can, the first time round. Time spent doing something again because it wasn’t properly done the first time is time wasted.
  5. Build ‘quiet time’ into your life. Try to study and do other important tasks when you are unlikely to be interrupted.
  6. Keep your desk and your room tidy. Clutter will interrupt and distract your mind, and make finding things that much harder. Invest in a filing cabinet.
  7. Even when tasks have no deadline, set one for yourself, and stick to it.
  8. Make time spent with other people ‘quality’ time, rather than wasted time. Make the time work for you and for them.

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