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Faith Alive! | Redeeming the time 2

2 – How to reflect / focus

Too rarely we spend quiet time to think about where our life is at, and where we are going. Our lives are very full and busy, and there’s always pressure to keep moving, rather than sit down and think. For the same reasons, prayer, Bible reading, meditation and study are easily squeezed out. Time spent thinking is not time wasted – it is time invested in a more God-glorifying, people-benefiting, personally satisfying life.

How to reflect / focus

Spend time to reflect on the state of your life and focus on what is important.

Organising your time requires some self-discipline, but it is not one of the mysteries of science.

Find a quiet place – in your bedroom, in a park. Take a pen and paper, and write down what you think are the different roles you play in life – a child of God, a son or daughter, a brother or sister, a friend, a student … you get the picture.

When you have done this, begin to write down the important things you must do to be successful in each of these roles.

For example, you are a friend. To be a good friend, you need to:

  • be loyal
  • spend time together
  • share difficulties and triumphs
  • ask for help without embarrassment, and give help without grudging
  • discuss the word of God together
  • show your affection and care in tangible ways.

There may be other things you can add, but these are probably the most important things. Make your own list for each of the roles you play.

When you have spent some time thinking alone, you will benefit from discussing your thoughts with a friend you trust.


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