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Faith Alive! | October 2015

In Faith Alive! this issue:

  • Editorial
  • Inspiring preachers: Philip
  • Inspiring preachers: Apollos
  • Inspiring preachers: Barnabas
  • Inspiring preachers: Timothy
  • Inspiring preachers: Stephen
  • Help! I want to preach!
  • Preaching ain’t always easy
  • The Golan Heights
  • Preaching to Muslims
  • Preaching in Action – CMaD
  • Preaching in Action – CBM
  • Psalm 111
  • Let your light shine
  • MSC – National Awareness Day
  • The Big Conversation
  • Preaching crossword
  • The Practicalities of Prayer
  • Truth Corps

A sample article from this edition:


The need to preach – the need to speak

If you were in a public building and discovered a big fire, what would you do? What would be your first concern? Your own safety? Or the safety of others?

Here are your “Arrgh! I’ve found a big fire” options:

  1. Panic.
  2. Remember panicking never helped anyone (least of all you) so rule out choice 1 and move on to:
  3. Self-preservation, so run.
  4. Then remember that it might be quite nice if others knew too so hit the alarm … then run OR
  5. Hit the alarm, then organise the evacuation of the building until the emergency services get there.

If we look at that list, we would like to think we would reach the hero status of choice 5. If we are honest with ourselves we are all pretty selfish, in some shape or form and are more likely to pick 1-4. This is the Bible’s view of who we are (although it puts it slightly more succinctly – “desperately wicked”, says Jeremiah 17:9).

In a life-threatening situation how quickly would we think of the safety of others before our own safety?

Lives threatened

The sad thing is, everyone we know is in a life-threatening situation. They just don’t know it. Yet.

The Gospel message about the Lord Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God is that fire alarm for the world, for individuals we know. Yet how often do we have the urgency to talk to others about the (eternal) life saving message we can share with them? If we say nothing about our faith and our knowledge of the future for the world, it is as if we are willing to let those in the building burn while we run.

Early believers

The early believers felt the impact of the power of the resurrection of Jesus so intensely that they were compelled to speak about it. They were in a position where they had to tell what they knew because they knew it would save lives.

This issue of Faith Alive! looks at some examples of the early preachers and we ask:

  • Are we compelled to speak about God’s life saving message?
  • Are we willing to be the ones who give up our safety (our embarrassment, our awkwardness, our uncertainty) to make sure others are safe until the real emergency service arrives in the form of the returned Lord Jesus?

“For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.” (Acts 4:20 – Peter and John)

Edward Carr


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