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Faith Alive! | June 2014

In Faith Alive! this issue:

  • Editorial Technology advances & 30 years ago
  • Faith Alive! and The Christadelphian online
  • Technology Timeline
  • Using the internet
  • My struggle with pornography
  • Can you find it? Bible Student’s Ready Reference
  • Psalm 108
  • Zechariah’s visions 07
  • Interpreting the Parables
  • The Practicalities of Prayer 01
  • Tackling Anxiety
  • Swanwick Bible weekends
  • Bible computer language wordsearch

A sample article from this edition:

Using the internet

The internet can be a hugely positive facility …

… to share information about God-centred events and thinking

… to give easy access to spiritually uplifting material – talks, writing, conversations, knowledge

… to enable us to be aware of what others are doing, in faith, to share the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God

Content rules

Websites try to allure you by how they look, how they function, what they can do for you, how easy they make your experience.

Website design attracts us and draws us in; website usability helps us feel we are wanted.

Fundamentally, as spiritually driven individuals, what should matter to us is content.

  1. Ignore the outward appearance (hard though that may be). Ignore the clunky graphics. Ignore the fact it looks awful and dated.
  2. QUESTION: does it speak truth?
  3. QUESTION: does it help forward spiritual development?

Our goal in using fabulous technology should be spiritual growth.

Do you use the benefit of technology for your spiritual growth?

Attracting others

Having said all of the above for those still seeking truth it is important we give consideration to how we present the message. This is true both in the real world as well as online.

Making our online presence attractive and appealing may help someone learn the life-saving message of the gospel.

Some questions about our websites:

  1. QUESTION: does our website speak truth and portray God’s values?
  2. QUESTION: does our website portray the vibrancy of our faith?
  3. QUESTION: does our website appeal to the audience we are aiming at?

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