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Faith Alive! | February 2009

In Faith Alive! this issue:

  • HELP! Faith Alive! has a problem!
  • A door of (new) opportunity
  • Nehemiah (1) – Jerusalem on my mind
  • The power of poetry in the Old Testament (1)
  • Hezekiah’s tunnel and the Siloam inscription
  • P2P UK, class of ‘08
  • The commandments of Christ
  • Campaigning 2009
  • Crossword
  • ‘Celebrating’ Darwin 2009
  • “Life’s greatest inventions” – (1) photosynthesis

A sample article from this edition:

HELP! Faith Alive! has a problem!

Our problem: Just who is it for? and who do you think it’s for?

IT’S a really common assumption that Faith Alive! is aimed at very young teenagers. Yet Faith Alive! has (for ages) been “A magazine for young people 15-25+” (as this website says). And 25+ means exactly that. The idea that if you are over 15 you really should move on is about as wrong as it gets. Here at the coal face we like to think of it as a lighter version of the Christadelphian magazine (you be the judge!).

Although primarily aimed at “young people”, ask a question: What is “young”?

It’s not all about your age.

  • Those in your teens – you know you’re young (no questions) – so Faith Alive! is for you.
  • Those in your 20s – you know you’re not now as young as some, but you’re pretty much still at the youthful end of the spectrum – so Faith Alive! is for you too.
  • Those in your 30s and above – you know (deep down – deeper in some than others) that you’re not actually “young” any more, but most of the time you still feel exactly how you used to (except for the odd ache or pain) – so don’t think Faith Alive! is now beneath you.

Q: So who is Faith Alive! for?

A: For the genuinely young aspiring to be older, for the nearly young who aren’t old yet and for the old who are happy to admit they are, but are pleased to be inspired by the enthusiasm of youth and aspire (by God’s mercy) to have the energy of youth again.

Faith Alive! – a magazine for young people 15-25+


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