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Reviews | Comfort of the Scriptures

Comfort of the Scriptures

Harry Tennant

Paperback or e-book (ePub)

192 pages

Comfort of the Scriptures

The Testimony review (from April 2007)

Exhortations for all

IN HIS PREFACE to this book of 180 pages Brother Michael Ashton writes: “Brother Harry Tennant was known to thousands of brethren and sisters all round the world. From his regular visits to distant parts he was known as an enthralling and motivational speaker, and through his writings as a clear and logical thinker with an ability to convey profound thoughts in elevated language”. The reviewer can heartily endorse these sentiments, having heard many fine expositions by our brother, as well as having had helpful conversations with him. His exhortations were particularly uplifting, and the volume under review contains thirty-one exhortations, each one linked to a date and having a theme based on one or more of the readings for that day.

These exhortations are written in the same manner that Brother Harry spoke from the platform, full of rich exposition and exhortation that was often unforgettable. One such, for 4 January, is entitled, “And the rains came”, based on Genesis 7 and 8. It ends like this:

“There was a wonderful refuge in the Ark. God Who had told Noah to come in and had shut the door, saved him by water. ‘When these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.’ When the first rains came, Noah was just a solar year away from the New World.

“There was no safety outside the Ark. So it is now as we look at the bread and wine. Here is safety – the God-provided atonement, pitched within and without.

“The Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat on the same day of the same month as the Lord Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. There is a divinely provided type here, especially since Ararat means ‘creation’, ‘holy land’. And so it will be for all of us who enter and remain in the Ark: we shall arrive at the new creation and the holiness of life in the kingdom of God”.

There are plenty of others in the same vein, with titles like “Vessels”, “Coming Home”, “Thoughts on the Bride”, “Time would fail me”, “David and Goliath”, “Helps”, and “Esther: Woman of Faith”, to mention but a few.

I am sure that many in the Brotherhood will be uplifted by this book, particularly those in isolation or small ecclesias, and it is to be hoped that there may be further exhortations and studies amongst Brother Harry’s papers that will be published later. It is warmly commended to all.


(Originally published in the April 2007 edition of The Testimony Magazine (page 129), and is reproduced by kind permission.)

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