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The Christadelphian | April 2016

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The CBM in Malta

Not all CBM work involves long, arduous visits to foreign parts where nasty vaccinations and malaria tablets are required. The small Mediterranean island of Malta is a lovely holiday destination, and the CBM needs your support. Prices are reasonable and the population is generally pro-British with English and Maltese being the official languages. Four brothers and one sister live on Malta, and one brother lives on nearby Gozo. They all benefit from visits.

Support needed

A CBM grant is currently used to fund a flat in Malta, but this is under review due to the financial crisis facing CBM. This flat’s main function is as an ecclesial meeting place, but it also provides some accommodation for visiting brothers and sisters. Our priority is to support our small ecclesia and provide a witness in whatever way we can. In recent years the number of regular visitors has decreased. Some very dedicated CBM workers now find that age and frailty make visiting difficult. Currently we have no visitors booked for the months of June, July, November and December, and the only bookings for 2017 are in May and October. Visitors are asked to make a contribution towards the running costs, but those who cannot afford to contribute are still welcome.

Please give this your urgent attention, and speak about it to others who may be interested. The only stipulations are that CBM Handbook guidelines be observed ( and that the flat should not be used by a solitary person (CBM guidelines require a minimum of two members for all CBM visits). The flat contains three bedrooms, two with twin beds and one double. Facilities are fairly basic, but the flat is quite comfortable. There is no central heating or air conditioning.

As a holiday destination Malta affords a variety of activities. All the CBM expects is that you look after the flat as if it is your own, and leave it clean and tidy – so there is a cleaning list. Regarding fieldwork, we ask you to be involved in the breaking of bread meeting (which normally takes place at 2.30 on Saturdays) and involves doing all three readings with discussion, followed by an exhortation (often read), and sometimes a study. The length of the meeting will often be two and a half hours. This will generally be the only meeting when all members attend at the same time.

Additionally, it is hoped that you may also meet up with some of the members during the week. These informal arrangements often provide valuable fellowship to our Maltese brothers and sisters. Optional activities include leaflet distribution, manning a literature table, contacting interested friends, or possibly even some simple flat maintenance.

In September 2016 we are planning to run some seminars and publicity beforehand will be important, as will the follow-up work with any contacts made. Sometimes visitors feel guilty that for much of their stay it is more like being on holiday than CBM work, but please don’t worry about that. It is more important to provide some fellowship for our members there than none at all.

Flat booking information can be obtained from Brother Jamie Palmer (Llanelli Ecclesia), linkman for CBM Malta.

Jamie Palmer


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