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Beginning at Jerusalem

Beginning at Jerusalem

John M. Hellawell
The Christadelphian

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Product Description

The Acts of the Apostles forms a bridge between the Gospels and the Epistles. Imagine a New Testament without Acts! We would have no context in which to understand the origin of the Epistles, those letters from the apostles addressed to ecclesias, the foundations of which would be a mystery and the lives of authors mostly unknown.

Acts traces the progress of the spread of the Gospel - from the initial proclamation at Pentecost by Peter and the Twelve in Jerusalem to the arrival of Paul in Rome. We are told nothing of the “acts” of most of the apostles. Nine of the twelve are not heard of individually after Chapter 1. In reality, Acts gives an account of the early work of Peter and, to a much lesser extent John. The greater part is then devoted to Paul, who was not one of the original Twelve.

This scholarly yet readily accessible, study of the Acts of the Apostles takes the reader sequentially through the book. Studies are aided by the use of maps, tables, sixty “digressions”, and colour photographs depicting many of the locations visited by the apostles.

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