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Reviews | A Light to the Gentiles

A Light to the Gentiles

Jonathan Cope

Paperback or e-book (ePub)

320 pages

A Light to the Gentiles

The Christadelphian review (from September 2015)

A Light to the Gentiles

by Jonathan Cope

It is rare to find a book that adds a whole new dimension to your understanding of the Bible, but A Light to the Gentiles certainly does that …

This book is a series of chapter-long snapshots of the lives of faithful Gentiles, mainly focusing on the Old Testament but with some examples from the New. Brother Jonathan shows that it was often the example of faithful Israelites, shining as lights, which inspired those from the surrounding nations to turn from idolatry and false gods and serve the God of Israel. Their actions are an encouragement to us in these last days as we continue to preach and lead by example, not hiding our lamp under a bushel.

A solid foundation

The book itself is well written, clearly structured and easy to follow. It is ideal for readers who are stretched for time, as each short chapter stands alone. It contains a helpful, detailed index of scriptural references, useful for those writing Bible class addresses or exhortations. Readers will find a solid foundation here from which they can develop their own thoughts. The material covered is insightful and draws on external sources such as Bible commentaries, dictionaries and historical writings, as well as many internal cross-references, to build a bigger picture.

Each chapter gives the background story of the Gentile man, woman or group to be considered, looking at how they showed great faith – many leaving their families behind to follow the one true God – and picks up on interesting details that might easily be overlooked or are not immediately apparent.

Brother Jonathan makes a point of closing each chapter with some exhortational thoughts for us to take away, and the book can be seen as a series of short meditations on faithful Gentiles and those whose light shone brightly into the Gentile night.

Many faithful Gentiles

What became clear to me from reading this book is that there are many faithful Gentiles mentioned throughout scripture – some I hadn’t even realised were Gentiles, as they had left their pagan heritage behind and cleaved to the Israelites and their God. The book has encouraged me to look more closely at the family trees of those mentioned in scripture, to see where they came from and what influence this may have had on their thoughts, beliefs and actions. This has added a whole new dimension to Bible study.

This is not a heavy read and would make a great baptismal present or bedtime book, as well as being a good study aid. Readers will be amazed at the hidden gems to be found here. It may well change the way you read and understand some of the people and events recorded in scripture.

Amy Parkin

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